Our story

A Young Brand With Big Dreams!

The founding idea came about in 2011 in New York City in a response to the limited choice for artisanal-grade luxury pocket squares. With artisanal roots dating back to 1924 in Como’s silk industry in Italy, Robertto’s was reborn with a vision to spread brilliance around the world by turning an everyday traditional suit accessory into a timeless piece of ultimate elegance.

Fast forward a few years and today Robertto’s is sold in more than 30 countries across three continents. Our products are also sold globally through our online store on Roberttos.com and delivered from three distribution hubs in New York, London, and Montreal.

Our Brilliant Collection Causes Vertigo!

Robertto’s features a wide array of original designs encompassing a virtually endless spectrum of color combinations. Our pocket squares play with ideas of contrast and harmony, and allow the eye to wander over their rich palette of colors.

The result is a timeless collection featuring a suit accessory which is almost ethereal in its design composed of unique patterns and colors ranging from the bold and vibrant to the subtle and sleek. Our pocket squares collection is amongst the world’s largest in terms of variety and is almost certain to be the soul of men’s clothing appealing to gentlemen with discerning taste and distinctive sense of style.

Brilliant Pocket Squares for Brilliant People!

Robertto’s represents the zenith of pocket square craftsmanship, making no compromise when it comes to luxury and quality. With its vision to spread brilliance around the world by turning an everyday traditional suit accessory into a timeless piece of ultimate elegance, only the finest fabrics are selected for our range of artisanal pocket squares – hand-rolled, made in Italy, and perfected for a brilliant audience.

We take great pride in every individual pocket square, and ensure that each one embodies the core values of what Robertto’s represents: peerless quality, unmatched luxury, sheer excellence in design, and epitome for craftsmanship.

Partnering Our Way to a Global Audience!

In pursuit of our passion for timeless styling and our interest to share this passion with others, we strive to partner with leading worldly craftsmen who are dedicated to their craft and whose products are made with quality craftsmanship, timeless style, and outstanding design.

We are selective with who we choose as our partners and aim to work closely with them in a true partnership. As a result, we only partner with whom we can be proud to represent our brand as our global ambassadors. While we proudly celebrate differences, our partners share one thing in common – they all have unique stories behind well-crafted men’s products.