What to Look For When You Buy Pocket Squares Online

We all want to look our best. Indeed, in this modern world of competitive lifestyles, fast-paced career moves and heightened levels of exposure, it has never been more important for all of us to put in that little bit of extra effort, and go the extra mile with our dress sense.

Over the past decade or so, we have seen an impressive resurgence in the popularity of pocket squares, also referred to by many as handkerchiefs. It is not difficult to see why; a well-chosen pocket square can be a powerful part of your outfit, displaying a touch of panache, a little flourish of personality, and providing the perfect finishing touch to a suit or blazer. However, this sudden surge in popularity after some time in the wilderness has resulted in a plethora of pocket squares options both online and in stores. As is the case with many luxury items, the Internet is packed full with pocket squares. While it is fair to say that some are considerably better than others, many pocket squares you find online are of poor quality, imitations of the real deal, and rather cheap alternatives for those who do not know any better. Not only this, but the wealth of choice can make it somewhat overwhelming to decide which pocket square or handkerchief is right for you. So we’ve put this article together to make that job easier for you.

The Hem is Key

As anybody who knows anything about pocket squares will tell you, the first thing you should look at when trying to discern the quality of a pocket square is the hem. If you are not familiar with what a hem is it’s basically the edges of the pocket square. High quality pocket squares should - without fail - be made with a carefully and beautifully hand-rolled hem. A hand-rolled hem signifies the epitome of craftsmanship when it comes to pocket squares manufacturing. This is mainly due to the fact that hand-rolled hems take exceptional craftsmanship on the hemmer’s part and allow for a finer shape and drape to the pocket square or handkerchief. This helps them look considerably better and more luxuriant when folded (which, after all, is the whole point of a pocket square).

There are other alternatives to hand-rolled hems. For example, pocket squares could also have machine-rolled hems but that is an inferior alternative to the hand-rolled technique and removes the artisanal and craftsmanship element out of the equation. The cheaper alternatives are usually machine-sewn hems, which comprise the predominantly prevalent technique used for all the really cheap pocket squares you find on Amazon. We high recommend that you do not opt in for machine-sewn hems at any cost.

On average the hemming cost component of manufacturing a pocket square almost triples between having the hems hand-rolled and having them machine-rolled. Moreover, the hemming cost component of hand-rolled pocket squares is almost equivalent to the cost component of the fabric and printing combined for pocket squares with high quality fabrics such as Silk Twill 14mm and could rise to almost double the cost of printing and fabric for more casual fabrics such as cotton or modal.

Hand-rolled hems are far superior to machine-sewn hems, which typify cheaper, lower quality pocket squares, due to the fact that machined hems are ‘tighter’ and more rigid, not allowing for that delightful softness and flow that is deserving of a luxury silk accessory.

Thinking of Fabrics

Talking of silk, what would be the point of sourcing a high quality silk pocket square, if the item was not made of high quality silk? It is no secret that several lower standard companies blend their silk with large quantities of artificial fabrics, or use silk from less-than-reputable manufacturers. The truth is that try as you might, you cannot fool the discerning consumer into not recognizing poor quality when they come across it - there simply is not any replacement for superb silk, made with love and reverence by those using techniques passed down through the generations. Robertto’s pocket squares take this concept very seriously indeed: only the highest quality Italian silk (produced in Como, the home of European luxury fabrics) is used in the making of our luxury pocket squares.

Made in…?

Following this, there must be some mention of the origin of the pocket square. When you are buying pocket squares online, do take a moment to look at where in the world the item has been produced. If it comes from some unknown suburb of a third world country, the chance that it has been made by skilled craftsmen and artisans is pretty slim. Pocket square production and silkwork in general is an art and a skill which is not borne of sweatshops and factories, it is something to be undertaken by master craftspeople and those with a true passion for what they do. It is for this very reason that ‘Made in Italy’ and ‘Made in England’ are at the very heart of the Robertto’s brand.

Unique Designs for Unique Individuals

Of course, no article on how to choose a high quality pocket square could end without some mention of designs and colors. A pocket square’s main function is to bring color, brightness and personality to an outfit, and as such, the design of the item is all-important. The vast majority of companies which produce pocket squares tend to play it safe, using designs based on blocks of muted colors, or unoriginal patterns which can be found in every store. If you want your handkerchief to reflect your personality, do you want to be associated with dull, repetitive patterns - the kind of thing worn by ten thousand other people? Of course not - you want a wearable work of art, something which has been produced with real fire, passion, originality and in the spirit of the avant-garde.

Robertto’s takes great pride in its vast range of designs, which cover everything from contemporary art to ancient oriental designs, minimalism to in-your-face vibrancy. While other designers would fumble and fall in producing such unique items, Robertto’s has gone to great lengths to work with expert colorists who ensure that the colors, tones and shades chosen for their pocket squares work in harmony and in contrast with each other, providing a beautifully well-selected palette for the wearer to work with and match with. In this, Robertto’s is comfortable and confident that their pocket squares stand head and shoulders above their competitors, and bring a genuine flash of excitement, personality and unique fashion sense to their growing and dedicated customer base.

Despite all these factors, it seems perfectly clear that nobody should rush into buying a pocket square online. These are luxury, decorative items, after all - it is well worth taking a little bit of time considering how to get the most for your money. Quality is key, as there is no point in rushing into splashing out on a luxury item such as a pocket square, only to make the wrong choice by going with the wrong retailer and find out later that the pocket squares you purchased online may end up looking anything but luxurious in a short amount of time.

Keeping all of this in mind, it is important to be aware of what to look for when it comes to buying a pocket square online - with so much on the market, how do you discern which accessory is best? We have compiled a quick list of points to think of when you shop for handkerchiefs online, how to spot great quality accessories, and how to keep your unique sense of style intact.