Brown in Town: Pairing Robertto’s Pocket Squares With a Brown Suit

What springs to mind when we think of brown suits? It’s a classic colour, a perfect neutral base for a brilliant range of accessories, and it speaks volumes about the wearer. For most people, brown suits make them think of academics, creatives, and bohemians. Less formal than black, navy, or grey, yet still undeniably elegant and sophisticated, the brown suit is the calling card of the gentleman who knows himself, knows his style, and never settles for anything less than the best.

Here at Robertto’s we’re big fans of the brown suit. From those with an ombre shade, to the darkest, deepest chestnuts and chocolates, this colour exudes a sense of uniqueness and confidence which is entirely its own. Because we love brown suits so much, we were very much aware of the need to create unique silk pocket squares which would work perfectly with this particular shade. By working with the finest designers, colourists, and Como silk producers, we were able to come up with a beautiful range of high quality brown suit accessories, which are sure to give your outfit a genuinely distinctive - and highly distinguished - edge.

If you’re looking for beautiful men’s suit pocket squares to accessorise your favourite brown suit, we’ve got an absolutely stunning array of pochettes for sale in our collection. Meticulously designed to pair perfectly with your outfit, and ideal for showing off your personal fashion sense and sophistication, they’re guaranteed to take your brown suit to new heights of luxury and elegance. We’ve picked out our ten absolute favourite pocket squares for brown suits, and we’re delighted to present to them to you today! The only question remaining is… which pocket square will you choose?


The Monogram Edition, Carolina Blue

We know that fans of Robertto’s pocket squares like to display their allegiance to our top quality pocket square brand wherever they go. That’s how we came up with our stylish Monogram Edition, which bears the elegant initial of our label along the hem and in the main panel of the square. It’s a chance for the wearer to show off their true colours, and align themselves with Robertto’s - the Como silk pocket square brand for gentlemen who know that every detail matters.

This gorgeous silk men’s pocket square comes in a striking Carolina blue; a colour which is going to contrast magnificently with your brown suit, and really bring out a sense of personality and avant-garde style in the overall outfit. For maximum effect, fold this stylish pochette into the pocket of your brown jacket or blazer, and pair with a white shirt and a navy tie, or a wear with a pale blue shirt unbuttoned at the neck. Effortless grace, and a look that’s as distinguished as it is memorable!


Leo, Olive Green

Be the king of the concrete jungle with this stunning men’s suit accessory, emblazoned with the unique design of our stylized lion. It’s a bold pocket square which makes a powerful statement; wearing this pochette in your brown suit pocket lets everybody know that you’re a man in charge of his own destiny, and that when you roar, the whole world listens. Classic yet contemporary, and with an unmistakably arty edge, this pochette is one which definitely fits with the academic / bohemian undertones that a well-cut brown suit never fails to provide.

There’s something absolutely magnificent about the combination of colours in this olive green pocket square. The way the oranges, browns, and reds contrast against the gentle green of the background is a masterwork of colourisation, and one which is sure to make a considerable impact wherever you go. Want to turn that impact up to eleven? Pair this pocket square with a white shirt and a fire orange tie… and you’re sure to come across as the most well-dressed man in the room without fail.


Woodland Symphony, Cafe Latte and Ivory

Brown is an inherently natural colour. It’s the hue of the earth, of wood bark, of fur. As such, it makes sense when you shop for a pocket square to choose one which complements a nature theme, such as our ever-popular Woodland Symphony design, which brings new life to ancient ethnic patterns and artforms. Elegant yet rustic, sophisticated and timeless, this beautiful men’s pocket square is the perfect counterpart for a brown suit, not least because its cafe latte and ivory palette work so very well with suits of this colour. Paired with a terracotta tie, it’s a force of nature that’s impossible to resist!


Elephant Parade, White

Is there any sight more majestic than the bejeweled elephants which guard the palace gates of oriental cities like Jaipur? These stunning beasts truly are a sight to behold, and they formed the inspiration behind this highly popular and fashionable pocket square, which is guaranteed to make its wearer come across as a real man of the world.

With its ethnic patterns and rustic forms, we decided to play with a brown, black, and white palette for this pocket square, and to highlight the design with flashes of blue, red, and yellow. The result is one which really draws the attention, and which works brilliantly with darker brown suits, especially when worn with a bright blue tie. An unforgettable look, even for those not blessed with the elephant’s legendary memory!


Aquarius, Denim Blue

This stylish men’s pocket square design was inspired by ancient drawings, depicting the constellations of the heavens above. The result is one of our most popular models, and it’s one which manages to balance a sense of the mystic with the modern, and which plays with the notion of vintage and avant-garde styles. As men who wear brown suits know very well, it’s that combination of tomorrow’s fashion with yesterday’s elegance that holds the key to true sophistication.

The colour scheme of this striking men’s suit accessory is one which we’re particularly proud of, and when it comes to pairing with a brown suit, it’s hard to imagine a better palette. Several shades of light and dark blue contrast and complement each other, before giving way to an eye-catching fire orange hem; it really is an impactful combination, and one which works ideally with a brown suit.


Serpentine, Blue

If you’re the kind of man who moves his own way through life, and never shies away from a chance to dazzle all of those around you with your fashion sense, your choice of colours, and your unique approach to style, you’re bound to be completely bowled over by this stunning snake pocket square. It’s eccentric, avant-garde, and beautifully made, and it’s a suit pochette that’ll never fail to have you standing out from the crowd.

With its vivid blue background and bright orange and black detailing, we really haven’t been afraid to use bold colouring with this pocket square. The vibrant hues make it a perfect pairing for a brown suit, and it’s the ideal way to let your unique and eye-catching personality shine!


Battle of the Mughals, Brown

This eye-catching and dynamic pocket square is one of our most popular designs, and it isn’t difficult to see why. With its incredible detailing, all captured on the finest Italian Como silk, it’s a truly unusual item which makes for a perfect men’s suit accessory. What’s more, we’ve chosen a gorgeous autumnal palette of colours for this particular model, which makes it an absolutely perfect choice for highlighting the rich tones of your brown suit. Worn with a dark red tie and a pale blue shirt, you’re guaranteed to look stylish, urbane, and wonderfully bohemian, confident in your personal sense of style and approach through life.


Chains and Charms, Golden Brown

Are you the kind of man who is always looking out for those finer details which provide the perfect finishing touch? If so, you’re guaranteed to be a man who would know exactly how to appreciate a high quality pocket square, exactly like this Robertto’s pochette. With its intricate design of chains, charms, and crests, it’s a brilliantly attention-grabbing item, which when folded into your jacket pocket, can’t fail to make you look absolutely fantastic.

It’s hard not to get excited by the colour palette of this silk pochette, especially when paired with a stylish brown suit. The murky mustard, gold, and brown background allows the electric blue of the detailing to just leap at the eye, while maintaining a sense of masculine mystique as it does so. Vintage, retro, and absolutely ideal for the modern man looking to make an entrance.


Daliesque, Fog Grey

There are many, many things we love about a well-made pocket square. We love the way they provide that perfect flourish of personality to your outfit. We love the way they look when folded or puffed in a pocket. We love the way they draw the attention, and mystify the senses… and all of those reasons explain pretty neatly why we’re such big fans of this design. With its surrealist update of a classic polka dot, this patterned pocket square really is the perfect way to add that unique flourish to your brown suit, and not least because its colours - a modern, masculine fog grey and a stunning navy blue - work absolutely perfect with deep browns and chestnut shades!


Racing Allegory, Pistachio and Fern Green

Do you consider yourself a man who lives life in the fast lane, and yet who has a real fondness for the classics? If so, this stylish suit pocket square is the perfect choice for you. Its understated design is emblazoned with retro racing cars, and there’s no way you can wear this silk pochette without feeling like a truly urbane gent, in total command of his style and surroundings.

When it comes to pocket squares which match brown suits, this one is definitely up there among the best. The pairing of pistachio and fern green, and the touches of yellow, brown, and brick red really make this high quality pocket handkerchief stand out from the crowd, and it’s guaranteed to be a suit accessory that you’ll wear with real pride and panache.


There you have it; ten beautiful, stylish, and effortlessly fashionable pocket squares, each perfectly matched with your favourite brown suit. Each and every one of these pochettes has what it takes to raise your brown suit to become an outfit which well and truly stands out from the crowd, and marks you as a gentleman of real style and distinction. With Robertto’s pocket squares, you can always be assured that you’ll be looking your best… and our incredibly high standards of quality mean you’re sure to cherish your silk handkerchief for years to come.