Essential Grooming Tips Every Man Needs to Know

The Harvard Study of Communications said that it only takes seven seconds for you to make a first impression on another human being, only seven seconds.

I think that study is so fascinating because of this one little thing. How many words do you say in seven seconds?

Do a one to seven countdown in your head right now. “Hi Mister, it’s so nice to meet you. My name’s Amanda.” Wouldn’t saying that only take about four seconds? So already four seconds are gone.

What else could we possibly say in the next three seconds that’s going to make some overwhelmingly positive first impression?

The truth is probably not a whole lot.

In fact, one of the parts of this study actually says that 38% of what makes up a first impression is how you sound. Only 7% of a first impression are the words you say. So all together, only 45% of a first impression has anything to do with the words coming out of your mouth.

That leaves 55% of a first impression to visual. It’s how you look, it’s how you dress. It’s how you stand, it’s how you shake a hand. It’s if you make solid eye contact. It’s your personal appearance.

Here's something to pounder upon; first impressions do matter. And they may matter more than you think. According to a Harvard study it only takes seven seconds for you to make a first impression on another human being, only seven seconds As a gentleman, you should be aware that people would almost always judge you based on how you present yourself. And therefore, the way you look can actually increase your chances of making lasting positive impressions. This asset comes in handy almost always, especially at major life-changing events such as landing your dream job or impressing your beautiful date — that's just how it is.

So what's the point? Well, it's pretty simple — Get serious and step up your grooming game! Every gentleman needs to make the big switch from passive or bad to good and great grooming habits regardless of how long they've been ignored in the past. In essence, you need to get serious when it comes to taking care of everything about you from hair and beard to outfit and accessories.

And that’s why we thought this post could let you in on some tips that are sure to come in handy.

Let's jump right in!


Take Care Of Your Scalp

Yes, every man needs to learn how to treat their scalp well. This is the only way to have great looking hair that's free of dandruff and the likes.

For starters, avoid using hot water in the shower as it can be really on the scalp — just stick to warm water. Also, if you're looking to apply shampoo, try as much as possible to massage it thoroughly with your fingers and rinse properly.

When it's time to dry your hair, we recommend you gently pat dry instead of rubbing vigorously with a towel. And if possible air dry your hair in front of an electric fan before heading out — crucial.


Groom the Beard

Got a beard? Cool! As long as it's not smelly, frizzy and unkempt. But what if it is? Well, you'll need to step up your beard grooming game right now!

The first thing on the list is to give it a good wash using a quality shampoo and conditioner. Do it right and you'll love your beard for days. Moving forward, you'll want to comb through your beard to get rid of tangles and the likes. Got thick, long beard? If yes, you won't be wrong to get a wide tooth comb, narrow tooth comb as well as a bristle brush to comb through the beard.

And finally, rub in some good quality beard oil — doing this will keep it hydrated and make styling a walk in the park.

Of course, always remember to trim the beards if it's all over the place and if you can't do it yourself, take a trip to the barbershop — it's totally worth it!


Get Regular Haircuts

Be a cool guy — never wait too long before getting a nice and clean haircut. Depending on how fast your hair grows, we recommend you visit your barber once every two to three weeks. It's also an excellent idea to discuss your favorite style with your hair stylist and never fail to speak up if he's going the wrong direction. Remember, you're paying for the services!


Tackle Nose and Ear Hair

Got stray hair sticking out of your nose or ear? If yes, get rid of it fast — it's super gross. You might not know this but nose hair is one of the grossest things that can ruin your good looking face. Of course, after taking care of your scalp and grooming your beards, it's only normal to cut off that strand of hair that sticks out your nose! What you need to get it done? Well, just get a motorized nose hair trimmer — that should do the trick!


Take Care of Your Hands

Finally, never fail to keep your hands clean. Trust us, your hands can either make or break a deal, especially if you're doing business with a female client. With this in mind, you won't be wrong to always keep your fingernails clean — it's as simple as trimming and filing regularly. And of course, adopt the habit of washing your hands as when due — pretty sure you get the point.

And that's it! These are five essential grooming tips that can make you look and feel good about yourself. Remember, first impressions matters a lot — be sure to make it count!

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