Five Reasons Why Robertto’s Pocket Squares Are The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Finding that perfect father’s day gift idea is rarely easy. Dads are - by their very nature - often the kind of men who seem to want for very little, and who have mastered the art of putting across the ‘man who has everything’ image down to a fine art. As such, there is only really one route you can go down when seeking an ideal father’s day present: finding something unique, beautifully made, and something which enhances, rather than adds to, his life, appearance, and the way he feels about himself.

In this sense, as well as in many others, a Robertto’s pocket square really is about as ideal as it gets, when it comes to father’s day gifts sure to bring a big smile to his face. An elegant men’s suit pocket square is a rare treat, a real joy to behold, and the kind of accessory which has an almost mythical ability to instill the wearer with real confidence. With a silk pochette in his jacket pocket, your father will not only feel smarter, more sophisticated, and imbued with the kind of timeless good looks he pulls off so well… it will allow him the chance to show off an aspect of his personality which may not appear quite so often as it should, and will let him align himself - in a fashion sense, if not any other - with the male icons of the silver screen every man cannot help but look up to.

If you’re already considering buying your father a pocket square for his special day, then these thoughts will most probably have already crossed your mind, and you’ll already know that Robertto’s pocket handkerchiefs are the natural choice for the discerning dad. However, if you’re wavering on the subject, and are not quite sure if a pocket square is the way to go for father’s day, let us dive a little deeper into the subject, and present to you five reasons why an Italian silk pochette really is the best father’s day gift around.


Your Dad Deserves to Look His Best With a Pocket Square

Being a father is, all too often, about maintaining a sense of sacrifice. As soon as kids come on the scene, men have to realise (however hesitantly) that it’s time to grow up, knuckle down, and start putting in the hours that will pay off in the end. In those early years, one of the first things which tends to go out of the window is a sense of style - how many dads do you know who seem to spend most of their time in thoroughly ‘practical’ clothes, unwilling or lacking the time to dress up, make themselves look smart, and have a bit of extra pride in their appearance?

Now that you’re all grown up, your father finally has the time to start looking after himself a bit better. What better endorsement of this new chapter can you provide than by presenting him with a beautiful pocket square to wear lovingly in his jacket or blazer pocket? As a synonym for male elegance, a pochette really is an unbeatable accessory; it’s a shorthand for a man who takes care of the finer details, and wants to make a positive impressive and a powerful impact wherever he may go. Whether that takes place at a social event, at a business meeting, or down at the pub, we can’t think of a more fatherly set of values than those!

More than anything else, however, is the fact that a high quality pocket square allows your dad to revel in something which all too many fathers leave by the wayside in their life as a parent: a touch of real luxury. With their stunning designs, vibrant colours, and peerless texture and appearance, Robertto’s pocket squares really do present a sense of luxury at its absolute zenith. Make no mistake, these men’s suit accessories really do make an enormous difference… and your dad is undoubtedly worth it.


They’re a Symbol of Elegant Masculinity

When you’re looking for a father’s day gift, it’s likely that you have a whole load of different ideas and concepts going through your head. You want something which is primarily associated with the masculine; after all, this is a day to celebrate what it is and what it means to be a father. You also want something which goes above and beyond the stereotypical - all too many typical father’s day presents you’ll find in gift shops seem to have a pretty limited idea of what being a dad (and being a man, for that matter) actually means. Most importantly of all, you want something which is going to make an actual difference, something which isn’t merely a throwaway trinket, and something which your father is going to be genuinely delighted and surprised by. All of these factors lead us squarely to the pochette as the perfect father’s day gift.

There are several reasons for this, but perhaps the most important of all is that a Robertto’s pocket square for father’s day is a reminder that there is more to being a dad than bad joke, fixing things, and watching sport on the television (although you wouldn’t think it after seeing the list of most popular father’s day gifts out there). The pocket square is a reminder and a symbol of another aspect of masculinity; one which is thankfully making a comeback in the 21st century, after what has felt like a few decades of wilderness, and one which is based around sophistication, elegance, pride in appearance, and the expression of personality.

Humphrey Bogart looked like a man who’d never used a screwdriver in his life, and the same could be said of Cary Grant and all of his contemporaries… and yet nobody could deny that they were truly men’s men, bristling with the kind of masculine energy and style that your dad surely appreciates. The pocket square is that sense of style refined, and presented in a piece of beautifully-made silk. Let your dad keep it close to his heart, and never forget that he’s a stylish man who deserves the best.


Quality, Character, and Lasting Style: A Father’s Values Reflected in His Accessories

Fathers, as a whole, appreciate one thing more than any other: a good job, well done. That’s why they tend to get their favourite pair of shoes repaired by a professional, instead of throwing them away and replacing them with something cheaper. It’s why they have one or two well-made, tailored suits, instead of wardrobes full of off-the-peg numbers from high street retailers. It’s also why a beautiful and elegant pocket square from a leader producer is likely to put a real spring in their step this father’s day.

Robertto’s pocket squares are made with the same values at heart as your father carries with him everywhere he goes. These are:

 Quality first and foremost

Every one of our beautiful pocket squares is made from the finest Italian silk, produced in the ancient silk region of Como. The artisan craftspeople who produce this peerless fabric take great pride in making silk which is of superior handfeel, and which catches the light in an unforgettable way. Folded into a blazer pocket, our silk pochettes are the last word in modern male sophistication, and it all begins with this wonderful material.

Character and Distinction

Your father is one in a million - you know this, and you want the world to recognise it as you do. That’s why we offer pocket squares emblazoned with dozens of beautiful and unique designs, and offer multiple colour palettes for each design. This way, you can pick out a quality pocket square for father’s day that truly reflects his personality.

Lasting Style and Beauty

Our pocket squares are no throwaway accessories. They’re made from superior quality silk, and feature traditional hand-rolled seams for a very important reason: they’re made to last, and they’re made to be treasured for the years to come.


They Offer A Touch of Timeless Class

Generation gaps are truly fascinating things. At times they’re wonderful - the wisdom of past decades is the gift your father has given to you all throughout your life, whether you’ve realised it or not. At others, they’re insufferable, and the chances are you’ve locked horns with your dad over some generational misunderstanding which seems utterly baffling from your contemporary perspective.

One of the most exciting things about giving a pocket square as a father’s day gift is that these items, handmade to the highest quality, are all about bridging the old and the new, the retro and the modern, the vintage and the avant-garde. They’re a testament to the fact that real style, real elegance, and real sophistication is utterly timeless, and that a dash of the suave is never left unappreciated. Just look at the pioneers of the pocket square, past and present: you have the rugged, chisel-jawed heroes of Hitchcock classics, and you also have the elegant gents of 21st century Hollywood. Your father, with his youth in one era, and his fatherhood in another, is free to borrow from both… and with a Robertto’s pocket square, he’s going to look fantastic while doing so.


They Show Him You Know and Appreciate His Personality

You’ve put up with his jokes and his quirks all your life. It’s now time to show your dad that you really do appreciate his unique personality, and that you want him to know there’s nobody quite like him in the world. In order to do so this father’s day, you need a gift which really is as unique and distinctive as he is, and which allows him to revel in his personal sense of style. In this sense, Robertto’s pocket squares truly come into their own. Featuring eye-catching and unusual designs, created and coloured by leading artists and artisans, these pocket squares will doubtlessly help him stand out from the crowd, and make the kind of entrance which isn’t forgotten in a hurry.

Pocket squares are the perfect way of bringing a touch of real personality and uniqueness to even the dullest outfit. They provide a splash of colour and style, a touch of old-school elegance, and a sense of the finer details being all accounted for which any man can benefit from.

Your dad’s character is worth celebrating. Bring out its brilliance with a pocket square this father’s day.