Five Reasons You Should Start Wearing a Pocket Square

Considering it has been a mainstay of fashion for centuries, the actual concept of wearing pocket squares can seem a little strange. They no longer have the practicality or functionality they once had - when they were used to wipe faces and noses, or carry perfumes to hide the stench of the city’s streets - and yet, they are currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity, the likes of which has not been seen for decades. Of course, anyone who takes an interest in fashion and style knows this simple truth: that functionality and practicality sit rather low on the list of priorities when it comes to dressing spectacularly, and making a real impact. Art for art’s sake - and by extension, style for style’s sake - is the mantra of fashionistas and acolytes of the avant-garde the world over, and it could be easily argued that no item screams style quite as effectively as a high quality pocket square.

Pocket squares and pocket handkerchiefs are nothing new. The forerunners of the modern handkerchief were worn by ancient Greeks and Romans, Egyptians, Renaissance princes, Medieval Kings and French revolutionaries alike, while the pocket square as we know it today really arose at the turn of the 20th century. They take us back to a time when Hollywood was enjoying a golden age, heralded by pocket square loving stars such as James Stewart, Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart, and this element of vintage-tinged dandyism is what has brought about their return. Tune into any big awards show, from the Oscars to the MTV Music Awards, and you will see film stars, musicians, designers and directors - both male and female - proudly sporting beautifully made pocket squares. Here are some reasons why you should absolutely consider following in their footsteps. 

A Splash of Personality 

Fashion, and gentlemen’s fashion in particular, has a tendency to be a little repetitive and predictable. Suits may come in all colors and various cuts, but unless you make your own clothes, it is unlikely you are ever going to own one which is completely unique. However, it is important to be able to allow a touch of your personality and unique fashion sense shine through in the way that you dress, and the pocket square is the perfect accessory for this. Coming in more colors, designs and patterns than you could imagine, pocket squares are the simplest and one of the most effective ways to brighten up an average outfit, and show the world your individual sense of style. 

A Cut Above 

Elegance, sophistication and timeless style; all words which the sight of a well-chosen pocket square conjures up. From historical fashion-forward icons like Clark Gable and Frank Sinatra, to fictional characters like James Bond and Jay Gatsby, the pocket square has been something worn by everyone who cares about the impact they make. It is an instant upgrade, and a sure signifier of a fashion sense which is not subject to the cheap, throwaway whims of the twenty-first century. 

Turn a Few Heads 

Because pocket squares are designed to add a flourish of color and personality to a suit, you can use this to your advantage to be as bold as you dare. Bring a bit of fiery passion to an outfit with a crimson touch of silk, or wear one festooned with regal peacocks. It shows that you have a creative side, hidden just beneath the surface, while you also are aware of what is appropriate and what is not. It could help you stand out from the crowd at networking events, on a date, or in an interview. Turn the right head with a vibrant pocket square, and your whole life can change!

Simple, Affordable, Versatile 

Procuring a luxury pocket square is a fairly attainable way of bringing a touch of real class and sophistication to your outfits. Even luxury pocket squares at the very top end of the market are not impossibly expensive, meaning that even those on a less-than-extravagant income can afford one. However, the greatest thing about wearing a pocket square is that you can choose for yourself how you would like to wear it. There are several different folds and fashions, and at least nine ways it can be worn in varying degrees of ostentation. Unlike most fashion accessories, it can almost never look bad - and if you find yourself in a situation where you do not feel comfortable having it on display, all you have to do is push it down into your pocket, and out of view. Easy!

Play With Color

Available in every color of the rainbow, and then more besides that, high quality silk pocket squares are a wonderful way to experiment with color combinations in an outfit. Particularly in men’s fashion, there is rarely the opportunity to truly have fun with color and color combinations, but with a pocket square, you have the option to do exactly that. Match your tie with the color of the handkerchief’s hem, or use the pocket square as a brightly colored item to pull an outfit together, and you are onto a winner.