How and Where to Wear Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are now a must-have men’s style toolkits. Next to ties, there is no other more important accessory than modern-day handkerchiefs for well-dressed men. But what’s the best way to wear them? What style is right for you? And where should you wear them? 

How to Wear Pocket Squares

First, not all pocket squares are square—despite the name. Some are round. The key to getting the style right is in the fold.

If you’re new to the world of pocket squares, then a good basic fold might go something like this:

  • Layout your pocket square flat
  • Fold it in half once
  • Fold from the bottom to top
  • Tuck it in your pocket jacket and head out the door

However, there is an endless array of folds to choose from. Some are more creative than others. Word to the wise, start with something basic like the fold explained above and work your way out to more complex folds.

Now that you know where to start, the next question you might have is what to wear them with.

A few style options we recommend include:


Heading out for an evening with the guys? Then down a navy-blue blazer jacket with a stark white dress shirt and add a pocket square. This look is ideal if you want to keep things casual without losing that polished look.

Don’t Match Your Ties or Shirts, Complement Them

Many guys make the mistake of matching their pocket squares with their suit and tie. Instead of matching them with the exact color, try to find a style that complements them. A good rule of thumb is, if you like the way it looks, go with it.

Choose the Right Material

Pocket squares are made from a variety of materials including silk and cotton. Choose a fabric that complements the suit you’re wearing. For example, casual or minimalist style suits look great with a cotton handkerchief style pocket square. 

Where to Wear Them


Really, you can wear pocket squares just about anywhere suits and ties are appropriate. For more formal events, go with a silk tie and formal pocket square fold. For work, try a professional pattern that adds style and sophistication to a standard suit and tie.

Now it’s your turn. Find your perfect pocket square style and create a polished look that tells the world who you really are. Get started by browsing the selection at Robertto's and find the right pocket square to fit your style.