Pocket Square Folding Hacks Every Man Should Know

The pocket square is a quintessential accessory that can elevate a man's attire from ordinary to noteworthy with just a few simple folds. Whether you're donning a luxurious silk piece from Robertto's or any other pocket square, mastering a variety of folding techniques can significantly enhance your sartorial repertoire. Here are some indispensable pocket square folding hacks that every man should know, ensuring you're prepared for any occasion with the perfect fold.

The Classic Flat Fold

Also known as the presidential fold, this is the epitome of simplicity and elegance, ideal for formal occasions. Simply fold your pocket square into a small rectangle that fits the width of your suit pocket, and then fold it up from the bottom to create a thin, flat strip that sits neatly with just a quarter to a half-inch visible above the pocket line.

The Puff Fold

For a more casual, yet stylish look, the puff fold is effortlessly chic and incredibly easy to achieve. Lay the pocket square flat, pinch it from the center, and gently gather it up, allowing the edges to drape naturally. Tuck the gathered bottom into your pocket, adjusting the "puff" to your liking for a bit of flair.

The One-Point Fold

Adding a touch of sophistication, the one-point fold is versatile for various settings. Start by folding the pocket square diagonally in half to form a triangle. Then, fold the bottom corners up and inward to adjust the width, ensuring the pointed tip peeks out of your pocket for a sharp, angular appearance.

The Three-Point Crown Fold

A variation of the one-point fold, the three-point crown fold adds an extra level of intricacy. After the initial diagonal fold, bring one corner up to just beside the top point, followed by the other corner, creating a three-pointed crown shape. This fold suits occasions where you want to stand out subtly.

The Scallop Fold

For something a bit more decorative, the scallop fold offers a soft, rounded look that's surprisingly simple to achieve. Lay the pocket square flat, then fold two opposing edges inwards so they overlap slightly, creating an oval shape. Gently gather from the bottom and place it in your pocket, adjusting the "scallops" to fan out appealingly.

The Winged Puff Fold

Combining the puff with structured edges, the winged puff adds volume with a touch of finesity. Lay the pocket square flat, fold it diagonally, and then fold the long edges back towards the center, creating "wings." Gather the bottom and place it in your pocket, allowing the wings and puff to add a dynamic touch to your ensemble.

Storing Pre-Folded Pocket Squares

For those who prefer to have their pocket squares ready to go, consider storing them pre-folded in a pocket square holder or a small, shallow box. This hack ensures your pocket squares maintain their folds and are ready for immediate use, saving time and preserving the crispness of the fold.

Mixing and Matching Folds

Don't hesitate to experiment by combining elements of different folds to create your signature look. The key is to feel confident and comfortable with the pocket square you're sporting, ensuring it complements your attire and occasion.

Mastering these folding techniques allows any gentleman to confidently accessorize with a pocket square, adding a polished touch to his outfits. Whether you're attending a formal gala or a casual gathering, the right pocket square fold can significantly enhance your overall look, showcasing your attention to detail and sartorial savvy.