Pocket Squares in Pop Culture: Iconic Moments and Influences

Pocket squares have made numerous memorable appearances in pop culture, often becoming as iconic as the characters who sport them or the scenes in which they appear. These moments not only highlight the pocket square's role in fashion but also its influence in defining character identity and enhancing cinematic aesthetics. Here's a look at some iconic pop culture moments where pocket squares played a pivotal role, cementing their status in the annals of style history.

James Bond: The Quintessence of Suave

No discussion of pocket squares in pop culture is complete without mentioning James Bond. The character, particularly as portrayed by Sean Connery and Daniel Craig, epitomizes the well-dressed gentleman spy. Bond's impeccably tailored suits are almost always complemented by a neatly folded white pocket square, underscoring his sophistication and attention to detail—a signature look that has inspired generations of men to embrace the elegance of the pocket square.

Don Draper in "Mad Men": A Study in 60s Style

"Mad Men," set in the 1960s, is a veritable showcase of mid-century American style, with Don Draper as its sartorial centerpiece. Draper's pocket squares, often seen in a simple flat fold peeking out of his suit pocket, reflect the character's complex blend of traditionalism and rebellion. The show played a significant role in reviving interest in 1960s fashion, including the pocket square as a symbol of polished masculinity.

Harvey Specter in "Suits": The Power Accessory

In the modern TV series "Suits," Harvey Specter's wardrobe is a key element of his character, with pocket squares being a constant feature. Specter's choice of bold and sometimes unconventional pocket squares mirrors his confident, assertive personality, demonstrating how this accessory can be used to assert power and style in a professional setting.

The Great Gatsby (2013): Roaring Twenties Glamour

Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of "The Great Gatsby" brought the extravagant style of the Roaring Twenties to life, with Jay Gatsby's attire showcasing the era's opulence. His pocket squares, ranging from crisp white to patterned silk, complement his lavish party outfits, capturing the decadence of the period and the character's larger-than-life persona.

Kingsman: The Secret Service: Espionage with a British Twist

"Kingsman: The Secret Service" reimagines the spy genre with a distinctly British flair, where bespoke tailoring and, by extension, pocket squares play a crucial role. The film's memorable scenes, including the iconic "manners maketh man" moment, showcase pocket squares as part of the Kingsman agents' uniform, symbolizing a blend of gentlemanly elegance and lethal efficiency.

Crazy Rich Asians: Contemporary Elegance

"Crazy Rich Asians" offers a glimpse into the world of Asia's elite, with fashion playing a significant role in character development. Nick Young, the film's protagonist, is often seen sporting elegant suits paired with tasteful pocket squares, reflecting his refined, understated style. The film brought contemporary Asian fashion sensibilities to a global audience, with pocket squares underscoring the characters' affluence and taste.

These pop culture moments highlight the pocket square's enduring appeal and versatility, from the classic sophistication of James Bond to the period glamour of Jay Gatsby and the modern elegance of Harvey Specter. Whether signifying power, wealth, or a keen fashion sense, pocket squares continue to be a potent symbol in the visual language of cinema and television, influencing fashion trends and reinforcing the timeless appeal of this quintessential accessory.