Pocket Squares — The Super Perfect Guide to Look Like a Pro

Let's face it; the guided rules of men's style are always evolving, but of course, there are quite a few things that never change. Yes, at this point, you're probably thinking classic woven shirts and novelty ties — of course, these are great but nothing adds that flair like pocket squares.

Trust us, there's actually more to pocket squares than shoving them in your blazer pocket. In other words, there are some general guidelines you need to follow to truly stand out in class and style.

Want to learn more about them?

We're pretty sure you do, but first things first — let's take a brief look at the history of pocket squares.

Here's a quick run-through

For those who might not be aware, the handkerchief was initially used as a fashion accessory in the 1400s-era Europe. During those times, the fashion accessory was made from premium quality materials like silk and embroidered with eye-catching designs. It's however important to note that pocket squares went mainstream in the 19th century. And of course, the classy trend is still here with us in the 21st century — it never goes out of style!


How to Choose a Pocket Square

Now, there's not much to consider here but of course, you won't be wrong to keep a few things in mind.

For starters, we think it's great to pick a pocket square that doesn't match your tie. The rule is pretty simple but unfortunately, most men tend to ignore it. Now, if you really want to stand out, we'll recommend you use your pocket square to complement your tie or shirt. For instance, you won't be wrong to use a burgundy square with a bit of design popping to complement a burgundy tie with small gray polka dots. As you probably guessed, this super combination will make you look great without much effort — just perfect!

What about the occasion?

Of course, the occasion also plays a big part in your choice of pocket squares. Heading to a formal event? If yes, don't hesitate to choose a silk or linen square. But what if you're looking to go casual? Well, nothing works better than cotton. That's just how it is!


Folding Your Pocket Square

The good news? There are up to three awesome folds to choose from here! But do you know the best part? They're perfect for just about any occasion!

Let's jump right in!

  • Straight Fold

Popularly known as TV fold, this style is perfect for those looking to stay professional and less flamboyant. To pull it off, you only need to fold the pocket square in half horizontally, in half again vertically and finally into thirds so it fits perfectly in your pocket.

  • One Corner Fold

This is yet another popular fold that works great for anyone and everyone. Want to know how to pull it off? Just start by positioning the square like a baseball diamond, then fold it into a half triangle and finally fold the bottom corners up — super easy!

  • The Puff Fold

Last but not the least is the puff fold — classy and incredibly easy to master. You just have to gather the fabric to create a fuller design; it's the perfect pick for those looking to express themselves. Especially when hanging with friends or peers.

So there you have it! All in all, it's super easy to pull off a pocket square like a pro. Just stick to the rules here and you're good to look classy!