Robertto’s Pocket Squares: An Ideal Gift for Valentine’s Day


What do you buy the man who has everything for Valentine’s Day? It’s a question which frantic partners, wives, girlfriends, or close friends have been asking for decades, and it’s one which always struggles to find itself a satisfying answer. At Robertto’s, however, we know that there is one item which no stylish man could possibly resist receiving on the most romantic day of the year: a high quality pocket square, chosen to match his personal fashion sense and character, and imbued with all the timeless romance and sophistication these accessories enjoy.

Robertto’s elegant handmade pocket squares are items of real beauty and distinction. Made according to traditional practices and using time-honoured methods and techniques, and woven from fine Italian silk produced in the beautiful region of Como, they’re a splash of utter luxury, perfect for wearing with any suit jacket or casual blazer. Make no mistake, his eyes will light up like never before upon opening this particular gift, and he’ll have you in his mind every time he folds it neatly into his pocket… right next to his heart.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look as to why to buy a pocket square is the perfect choice for Valentine’s day, and why an elegant pochette is the ideal item to give to any man who’s always looking to take his style game to the next level. Read on to find out more!


Giving the Gift of Elegance

Every man loves to look his best, but all too often, he’s just too busy or frugal to be able to truly splash out on the kind of items which allow him to step out in style. When you shop for a men’s pocket square, you’re really purchasing a gift which well and truly keeps on giving. A pocket square is the ultimate synonym for elegance; a marker of a man of distinction, and an accessory which tells the world he is a gentleman who never fails to take care of the finer details. Giving a pocket handkerchief as a Valentine’s gift is your opportunity to let him know that you too want him to not only look his best, but to feel like the sophisticated gent you know him to be.

Men’s fashions tend to come and go year on year, and have a tendency to change as often as the weather. The great thing about silk pocket squares, however, is that they possess an aura of elegance, a unique style, and an air of utter sophistication which is genuinely timeless. Look back at the kind of men your recipient doubtlessly looks up to when it comes to real style and urbane dress sense: the iconic actors of the silver screen, the Hollywood stars keeping the golden age of menswear alive on the red carpets of today, the fictional heroes who are never without a sharp suit and a class of single malt in their hand. All are acolytes of the pocket square, and all are well worth emulating in any well-dressed man’s everyday life.

There’s no doubt about the fact that he’ll absolutely adore tucking his beautiful pochette into his blazer when heading out into town, going off to a meeting, or simply wanting to look and feel fantastic on his days off work. Versatile, delightfully retro, and yet so very much of the moment, a quality silk pocket square is an accessory the power of which cannot be overlooked.


Pocket Squares: An Ancient and Romantic History

There’s no doubt whatsoever about the fact that a men’s pocket square is a stylish, colourful, and sophisticated accessory which no well-dressed man can resist, and which every man would love to receive as a Valentine’s gift. However, there are other reasons why pocket squares make for fantastic romantic presents, too, and are the ideal tokens of your love and esteem.

Pocket squares have a long and romantic history attached to them, and were once considered highly romantic gifts to be presented between lovers in ancient times. The precise origins of the handkerchief, as with many things when it comes to fashion, have been lost in time. However, the presentation of a pocket handkerchief as a gesture of love has long been associated with the tales of courtly love from medieval Europe. Travelling knights would wear handkerchiefs on their swords and on their riding saddles, each of which represented a declaration of love from an admirer. Chaucer wrote of pochettes in the more romantic chapters of the Canterbury Tales, Shakespeare used a handkerchief - embroidered with strawberries - as a symbol of the marital bed in his epic tragedy, Othello, and they were used as coded love notes (with each colour representing a different kind of love and different intention) almost obsessively by young courting Victorians. As such, it is fair to say that whatever the origin of the pocket square, these items have been associated with love, courtship, and romance for almost a thousand years.

Even in more modern times, the symbolism of the handkerchief being waved from the window of a train, fluttering in the wind, and filled with optimism and hope for the future, has become something of a visual byword for enduring romance - the promise of return, and the kisses and embraces that will follow. As such, it isn’t hard to see why a silk pocket square, handmade with love and artisanal skill, is widely considered to be the perfect Valentines gift for men this year and for the future yet to come.


Make Him Stand Out From the Crowd

If you’re looking for the ideal Valentine’s gift for your man this year, the chances are you want to opt for something which has that personal touch. All romantic gifts should feature a flourish of personality - the days of buying heart-carrying teddy bears and hoping they communicate some sense of real love are, thankfully, long since over. Robertto’s pocket squares, with their massive range of designs and colour palettes, allow you to achieve that essence of personalisation, and ensure you are buying a pocket square as a gift which really communicates the fact that you know him, you know his style, and you want him to stand out from the crowd.

One of the main reasons why pocket squares are making such a comeback in the 21st century is due to the fact that, frankly, they allow men the chance to truly express their personalities via the clothes they choose to wear, and the way they choose to accessorise. Silk pochettes for men open doors of possibility which otherwise remain firmly closed; they allow him to show that he can balance formality with colour, the retro with the contemporary, the uniform with the exceptional and the avant garde. When you buy him a pocket square emblazoned with an elaborate pattern, a beautiful design, or with a splash of striking and vibrant colour, you’re allowing him the opportunity to let his true persona shine through his clothes. Again, it’s a Valentine’s gift with the potential to keep on giving all throughout the year.


Fine Italian Silk: The Touch of True Romance

Alongside the colours, the patterns, and the artist-created designs of Robertto’s pocket squares, we must also consider the romantic potential of the material they are made from. There’s no questioning the fact that when it comes to romance and beauty, few - if any - materials can match that of high quality Italian silk. The sumptuous fabric of these high quality pochettes really is a joy to behold, and is a delight to run through your fingers as much as it is pleasing to the eye. Beautifully soft, decadently smooth, and possessing of a quality which has made Como silk the envy of the world for centuries, these pocket squares have a sensuality to them, which undeniably up the ante when it comes to their potential as a romantic gift for Valentine’s day.

When you shop for pocket squares to present as a Valentine’s day gift, one of the first things you should pay close attention to is the quality and source of the silk used, as well as the way the seams of the pocket square have been rolled. Robertto’s takes an enormous sense of pride in the fact that all of our men’s suit jacket pocket squares are made from silk of truly exceptional quality, produced by artisans who take their work and reputation as seriously as we do. What’s more, our pocket squares all feature hand-rolled seams, which provide a beautiful and enduring finish, and ensure that the shape, texture, and overall look of each and every pocket square is fit to last for generations.


An Item He’ll Cherish Forever

As we’ve seen, it’s impossible to deny the beauty or quality of a handmade, high quality pocket square for men’s suits and blazers. When it comes to appropriate and swoon-worthy Valentine’s gifts, these charming accessories are right up there with the very best of them, and manage to tick all the right boxes when it comes to romance, style, and effortless sophistication.

At once elegant yet eccentric, and artfully avant-garde yet timelessly classic, they are simultaneously the high point of a trend which is sweeping the world of menswear in the 21st century, while also being a marker of vintage style which has endured the centuries. Buy a pocket square for him this Valentine’s day, and you’ll not only provide him with a beautiful accessory he’ll wear with pride and cherish forever, you’ll also capture his heart in the process. Who could possibly ask for anything more?

Here at Robertto’s, we take enormous pride in the production and distribution of our stunning pocket square collection. Featuring a stunning array of colours and styles, we’ve ensured that within our range, there’s undoubtedly a pocket square for every taste, every style, and personality. Come and explore our online pocket square gallery today, and pick up a gift which is guaranteed to exceed all his romantic expectations.