Should I Wear A Pocket Square to a Job Interview?

You’ve worked hard on your job application. You’ve ticked all the right boxes. You’ve spruced up your CV, collated your references, and sent everything off to your prospective employee… and you’ve managed to score a job interview as a result. Now comes the really tough part: deciding what to wear in order to make a big impact as you walk into that interview room.

Trying to decide whether or not to wear a pocket square for a job interview is a surprisingly common question, and one which plenty of modern job-hunting gentleman are asking themselves these days. After all, it has only been a couple of years since high quality pocket squares came back in trend in such a big way (of course, for a particularly suave sector of society, they never went out of fashion at all…), and a lot of men seem a little concerned that opting for a pocket square in a suit jacket pocket might seem a little, well, outre for something as serious as a job interview. The world of work has changed somewhat over the past decade or so; the old rules of formality have loosened somewhat, and it’s understandable that some people may feel a silk pocket square might make one come across as a little overdressed, or a little old-fashioned. They’d be wrong, of course… but that’s something we’ll look at in more detail later.

Those first impressions count for a lot, especially in interview situations. They say that an interviewer knows whether their decision will be a ‘no’ or a ‘possibly’ within the first three seconds of meeting an applicant, and that all comes down to the way they present themselves as they step through that door. Would a men’s pocket square make a positive impression? Would it hamper your chances of scoring that dream job? In this article, we’re going to be taking a closer look at precisely this question, and coming up with a handful of thoughts to bear in mind next time you find yourself dressing for an interview. Read on to find out more!


Are Pocket Squares Too Old-Fashioned For Job Interviews?

The answer to this question actually lies somewhere between ‘yes’ and ‘no’. The fact of the matter is, handmade pocket squares are old-fashioned in the best possible sense of the term. They recall a somewhat forgotten elegance and a sense of vintage sophistication, back from the times when men were men, and knew that they’d only get what they want from life if they dressed the part.

At the same time, a neatly folded pochette, tucked rakishly into the top pocket of a suit or blazer jacket, possesses the very essence of contemporary street fashion. All over the world, men of all ages are rejecting the scruffy and careless look that was all the rage in the last decade, and are opting for something slicker, suaver, and altogether more sophisticated. The pocket square sits comfortably at the top of men’s suit accessories which are absolutely vital for pulling off this look.

As such, we’d argue that a well-made pocket square is possibly the perfect accessory for a job interview, for these contrasting reasons. On the one hand, wearing a pocket handkerchief shows that you’re a man who understands the importance of formality and elegance, and isn’t afraid to borrow from the past in order to put across the image that they want. On the other, they also show that you’re an individual who is aware of the scene around them, of trends which are riding high in the world of high net worth individuals. By adopting the use of a pocket square, you’re sending a clear message to your prospective employer: you’re a man who knows your own sense of sense, and you never pass up on an opportunity to impress. If those aren’t highly employable values, then we don’t know what are!

Of course, this aren’t the only reason why you should absolutely wear a pocket square to your next job interview. Below, we’re going to outline a few other points to bear in mind, and offer more reasons why pocket squares are going to do a whole lot for your job prospects.


Pocket Squares Show Attention to Detail

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the way we dress ourselves sends a clear message to the world, whether we necessarily realise it or not. This is precisely why dressing for a job interview can be a little tricky; we are going to be transmitting signals to our interviewers via the clothing choices we make before we even get to the office… and that takes real thought and preparation.

What then, does a plain or patterned pocket square say about you as a candidate? Aside from the point made in the previous paragraph (that is, that it shows you to be a man who understands the fashions of the past and the trends of the present), we’d argue that a silk pochette in your pocket shows you possess one value more clearly than anything else: you’re a man who takes care of the finer details, and you’re someone who has genuinely put thought and care into your appearance. Interviewers love this; they want to see that this job opportunity really means a lot to you, and that you’re absolutely keen to be taken seriously as an applicant. A pocket square in your jacket might not seem like a big deal, but from an interviewer’s point of view, it genuinely can make all the difference.


What Do Interviewers Really Want?

A lot of people would have you believe that most bosses, CEOs and personnel in charge of interviews want applicants who are potentially subservient, willing to compromise, and happy to slot into an assigned role. This may be the case in certain lowly jobs… but when it comes to the kind of positions worth folding your pocket square for, it couldn’t be further from the truth. In actual fact, interviewers absolutely don’t want to sit and ask questions to somebody who aspires to be a drone, or another suited and booted body willing to take orders, fill out-trays, and blend into the office background They want somebody who can bring personality to a team; someone with leadership potential, imagination, drive, and character.

Again, few things show out-of-the-box thinking and a willingness to blend formality with genuine character than a beautiful pocket square. Robertto’s pocket squares are emblazoned with dozens of beautiful, eye-catching, and colourful designs partly for this very reason; they give you the chance to select a handsome pochette which genuinely reflects the quirks and unique facets of your personality. Folded into your pocket, they act as a splash of colour and distinction, a gesture of individuality among the sharpness and sophistication of your suit or blazer. By carefully choosing a Robertto’s handmade silk pocket square for your interview, you’re giving your clothing a chance to say plenty about you as an applicant… and that’s something that will not go unnoticed.


Be Memorable. Be Brilliant.

Unless you regularly conduct interviews yourself, it’s hard to imagine just how dull they can actually be. It might seem hard to believe, but not every member of the public, or every person applying for the same positions as you, is quite as vibrant, interesting, or as memorable as you are. In fact, doing interviews can be a real drag, simply due to the reason that so many applicants are more or less seemingly interchangeable, and often perfectly forgettable.

This is one of the most important reasons why we’d urge you to choose a pocket square as part of your interview outfit arsenal - they make you memorable. Trust us; not everybody out there will be making themselves stand out from the crowd with such an elegant and eye-catching men’s suit accessory, and wearing a Robertto’s pocket square - made from fine Italian silk, with hand-rolled seams for added luxury and excellence - is a quick, easy, and incredibly effective way to ensure you stick in the interviewer’s mind. One of your main tasks in any interview is making sure the person asking questions not only gets a top-notch first impression of you… but that you also make a lasting impression, which lingers long after you leave the office.

With a Robertto’s pocket square, carefully chosen to reflect your personality and unique sense of taste and style, your interviewer will have a key pointer to cast their mind back to once the questions have ended, and they’re looking back over the applications. You’ll have demonstrated that you’re a man who knows what you want from life, that you’re an individual unafraid of making a bold impact and a powerful entrance, and that you’re someone who makes the effort when the time calls for small details to be taken care of. With a memorable pocket square in your jacket pocket, you’re able to give yourself the edge over your competitors, and you’re able to do so while looking great, feeling confident, and showing that you’re a man who grasps life with both hands. In essence, with a silk pochette, the job’s in the bag.