Ten Pocket Squares For Your Charcoal Suit

Few outfits provide the same level of gravitas and confidence as a quality charcoal suit. It’s the suit colour most strongly associated with power, wealth, and wisdom, and you’ll often see high-flying businessmen, public speakers, and corporate creatives rocking this particular look. Less formal than black, yet more business-like and serious than lighter grey, blue, or brown, it’s a deeply reliable suit colour, and one which rarely lets the wearer down. From our point of view, it’s also a colour which works brilliantly with a wide range of Robertto’s pocket squares, which are the ideal suit accessories for when you want to add some real sense of personality to your charcoal suit!

Make no mistake, pocket squares for charcoal suits are big news right now. Just take a look at the hottest Hollywood stars, the high-powered world of tech businesses, and everyday gents wanting to look their best on the high street or in the workplace. All over the world, men are rediscovering this classic accessory for their charcoal suits, and seeing how bringing a flash of colour and distinction via a pocket square can make a huge difference to their look. It’s a surefire way to inject personality, show off your unique sense of style, and make a connection with the sophistication of yesteryear, while still staying true to contemporary menswear trends. What could be better?

As always, we’re keen to help you find the Robertto’s pocket square that’s the perfect pairing for your favourite charcoal suit. That’s why we’ve picked out ten of our finest models for you to peruse, each of which has been selected for its ability to really give your outfit the life it needs. As with all Robertto’s silk suit accessories, each of these pochettes has been made with meticulous attention to detail, and from high quality Como silk, providing the ultimate finish to a truly luxurious item. Check out our selection below, and shop for a pocket square that provides that perfect finishing touch!


The Monogram Edition, Awesome Red

We know that fans of Robertto’s pocket squares are the kind of sophisticated gents who never settle for second best. We also know that they’re the kind of men who know a great brand when they see one… and are more than willing to keep their allegiances close to their chest. That was the inspiration behind our beautiful Monogram Edition pocket squares, which are emblazoned with an attractive Robertto’s initial, making for a truly distinguished design.

This particular pocket square comes in an eye-catching awesome red colour, which brings a real pop of personality to your charcoal suit, and which is bound to imbue the wearer with great confidence and a sense of swagger that simply cannot be beaten. Elegant, bold, distinguished, and vibrant - what more could you ask for from a charcoal suit accessory?


Paths of Destiny, Dark Cerulean Blue

We all have a path to follow in this life, and wherever it leads, it’s important that we walk each step in style, with confidence, and facing forwards all the way. That was the inspiration behind this highly distinctive and modernist pocket square design, and it’s little wonder it has gone on to become a real best seller for men who love their charcoal suits.

With its almost psychedelic finish, this is a silk pochette which is ideal for men who really know what they want from their suit accessories, and who aren’t afraid of making a bold impact with their fashion choices. We love the depth of colour in the dark blue background and violet detailing, and when paired with a magenta necktie, this pocket square really makes a fantastic impression on all who come across it.


Daliesque, Metallic Grey

Who doesn’t love the timeless charm of polka dot designs? This pocket square plays with the classic, and updates it with a surrealist twist - it’s a real work of modernist art, printed onto high quality silk, and made to be folded into your jacket pocket. What’s not to love about that? With its bold black hem, deep blue detailing, and metallic grey background, this silk pochette boasts a fantastically moody and mysterious colour palette, which works wonders for men who like to stand out from the crowd. When worn in a charcoal suit, it’s sure to add an air of mystique and modern-yet-retro vibes to the outfit… and that’s never a bad thing, no matter what social or professional situation you may find yourself in!


Les Chevaliers, Navy Blue

Your charcoal suit is your own personal armour, your coat of arms for taking you into the battle of the workplace, the high street, a social dinner, or a date. What better way to feel like the chivalrous knight that you are than with this silk pocket square, emblazoned with images of heraldry and crests?

This stylish suit pochette is coloured spectacularly, with a range of blues and greys making for a truly distinctive accessory. It’s perfectly matched to a charcoal suit, and pairs especially well with a grey or silver necktie. If you’re a gentleman looking to show off their distinguished fashion sense on a night out, then this handkerchief really might just be the one for you.


Velocite, Teal

If you’re the kind of man who lives life in the fast lane, and can’t get enough of high-octane adventures, then this pocket square is sure to excite your senses. Criss-crossed with images of motor cars and stylish chassis, it’s a truly fascinating design which blends ideas of the vintage and the contemporary with real grace and panache.

What’s more, the deep and luxurious teal colour is one which definitely grabs the attention, and has a warmth which is entirely its own. Teal is a wonderful colour to pair with charcoal, and when this pochette is neatly folded or rakishly puffed from your jacket pocket, it’s impossible to not look like a confident, urbane, and thoroughly elegant gentleman, completely assured in his personal sense of style.


Paisley Scintillation, Dark Peridot Green

We can’t get enough of the minimalist elegance of this silk pocket square design. It’s a brilliant piece of artistry, brought to life on fabric of the highest quality, and one which never fails to turn heads and grab the limelight. By combining the distinctive teardrop shape from the classic paisley pattern, and turning it into an understated motif, the designers at Robertto’s managed to dream up a contemporary design classic, and one which has ignited the imaginations of all those who see it. The dark green and gold colour scheme of this handkerchief are absolutely ideal for lighting up a charcoal suit, too, and bringing that all-important sense of personalisation that helps a man stand out from the crowd. If you like taking a sideways look at life, and never shy away from making an entrance, then this charcoal suit accessory is sure to be absolutely irresistible!


Leo, Fog Grey

Unsurprisingly, our Leo design is one of our most popular pocket square models. The lion is an ancient symbolic beast, prized by cultures and peoples all over the world for its strength, its majesty, and its power. Our lion pochette embodies those qualities perfectly, and also brings an artistic twist to the classic image, and one which is bound to help you stand out from the crowd. Turn the streets into the jungle of which you are the king, and wear this silk handkerchief suit accessory with pride!

The monochrome palette of this pocket square really is perfect for charcoal suit accessorising, especially when you want to maintain a more understated elegance. Folded neatly into your top pocket, this item will give you all the power and animal attitude you need to face whatever the world throws your way!


Les Chevaliers, Blood Red

Vintage yet avant garde, ancient yet utterly of our time, this pocket square really captures something historically special in the finest silk. Whether you’re at a dinner date or a business meeting, your charcoal suit is going to be taken to new heights of urbane elegance with the addition of this men’s accessory, and its bold, bright, and irresistible colouration is a genuine treat for the eyes. The depth of the blood red on this coloured pocket square works incredibly well against charcoal, and this pochette really is the perfect way to bring a dash of uniquity and distinction to an otherwise standard suit.


La Mosaique, Deep Navy Blue

This mosaic-inspired pocket square has proven to be a real hit with fans of Robertto’s quality products. It isn’t particularly hard to understand why; it’s a men’s suit accessory which effortlessly brings a sense of modernist art to your charcoal jacket pocket, and its boldness, vibrancy, and retro stylings are guaranteed to make a big impression no matter where you are!

The use of colour on this silk pochette is especially impressive, and it’s clear just how much of an impact it would make against a darker charcoal suit. The deep navy blue, almost turquoise hem, and splashes of green and orange make it a feast for the eyes, and further push that vintage dynamic across the entirety of the design. Want to turn the style dial up to eleven? Pair this pocket square and your charcoal suit with a leaf green tie and a white shirt, and see for yourself just how great it looks!


Battle of the Mughals, Lime Green

Your pocket square from Robertto’s provides you with an opportunity to let the world know a little of your personality, via the suit accessories you chose, and the attitude with which you choose to wear them. This pocket square speaks volumes about its wearer. It features a dynamic scene, plucked from an ancient manuscript or tapestry, and which shows a moment - frozen in the finest silk - at which all is set to change. Whoever wears this suit accessory is surely a man who takes charge of his own destiny, who knows his own path through life, and is never going to make concessions for his personal sense of style and unique approach to all he does.

We love the lime green background of this silk pocket handkerchief, and the way it forms a vivid canvas on which so many other colours dance. It’s the ideal contrast for the darkness of a charcoal suit, and it’s bound to light up the eyes of all who see it. Paired with a green tie, it’s contemporary, scene-stealing elegance personified!

There you go - ten beautiful silk pocket squares, all perfect for pairing and accessorising with your smartest charcoal grey suit. These pocket squares really are all about personalising your outfit, and giving your character a chance to shine through your clothes. Fashionable, sophisticated, and of supreme quality, they’re items which boost the confidence and lend timeless glamour to work or smart casual attire. Isn’t it time to add a Robertto’s pocket square to your wardrobe?