Ten Robertto’s Pocket Squares for Pairing with a Classic Black Suit

Classic, elegant, and timeless - the black two-piece suit has been the mainstay of the stylish gentleman for almost two hundred years, and it doesn’t look as though this is going to change anytime soon. There’s good reason for this: it’s the ultimate expression of sartorial design, combining sharp lines with a flattering silhouette. It also acts as something of a sophisticated blank canvas, onto which a man can add new colours, designs, and flashes of personality in the form of fascinating pocket squares, neckties, and patterned or coloured shirts.

Because of this, a black suit is the perfect outfit for a high quality pocket square, and here at Robertto’s, we’ve designed many of our silk pochettes with the black suit in mind. With a well-chosen pocket square, even the simplest black suit can be elevated to a truly creative and eye-catching outfit, capable of showing off your unique fashion sense and personal style. Many of our artist-designed pocket squares boast colours, patterns, and forms which work beautifully with black, and bring a touch of the avant-garde, and a thoroughly modern elegance to the timeless sophistication of this classic suit style.

If you’re unsure of which pocket square to select for accessorising with your black suit, have no fear; we’re on hand with a wealth of fantastic ideas and creative designs that’ll turn heads and make a bold impact wherever you go. At Robertto’s, we’re passionate about ensuring you look your best with our pocket squares for men’s suits… and that’s why we’ve picked out ten stunning handkerchiefs, handmade with the finest Como silk, which provide the perfect finishing touch for any black suit. Which one will you choose?


Cat’s Eyes, Black

Inspired by the designs of post-expressionist painters, this stunning silk pocket square immediately draws the eye and adds a flourish of avant-garde charm to any black suit. Minimalist yet striking, and effortlessly elegant, the Cat’s Eye pochette is one of our most popular pocket squares, and with this colour scheme, it’s the ideal men’s accessory for a truly distinguished look.

If you’re looking to add a real sense of savoir-faire to your black suit, wear this black pocket square with a fire orange tie and a white shirt; the overall effect will be one of artistic distinction, and one which seamlessly blends the classic with the contemporary.


Tyger Shoestring, Mordant Red

Who said that black suits need to be understated? With this ferocious pocket square, you can bring a touch of the wild to your outfit which is bound to get people talking! The tiger emblem, picked out in a simple yet devastatingly effective silk design, adds a sense of power and confidence to this pocket square, and it’s one which never fails to get you feeling like the king of your scene. Tucked elegantly into your suit pocket, this tiger pochette brings poise, grace, and strength to a black suit unlike any other.

For best effect, fold this men’s pocket square into your breast pocket, and pair with a classic white shirt and red necktie. Perfect for a more formal look with a real splash of personality, this is a pochette which is guaranteed to help you make an unforgettable entrance.


The Monogram Edition, Byzantine Magenta

Here at Robertto’s, we believe that a men’s suit pocket square should be more than just a mere accessory; it should be the perfect finishing touch to a black suit, capable of allowing the wearer to express their own personal sense of style. Our monogram pochette lets the world know that you’re a man who never settles for second best, and that you fly your colours with pride, and you know quality when you see it. Made from the finest Como silk and emblazoned with our house monogram, it’s an eye-catching delight that sends a clear message to all those who come across it.

We especially love the impact this beautiful suit pocket square makes when folded in a classic triple-point fold, and paired with either a lilac or white shirt, and a pink tie. Distinctive, distinguished, daring, and delightful - it’s a look which shows your a man who knows what he wants from life!


Woodland Symphony, White and Grey

When it comes to timeless elegance, nothing quite beats the understated beauty of a monochrome pochette tucked into the pocket of a black suit. Unlike most black and white silk handkerchiefs, however, this stunning design from Robertto’s really captures the imagination with its sophisticated and ethnically-inspired tree motif. The magic of monochrome means that this pocket square will pair with pretty much any outfit you can think of. However, we feel it works most effectively when paired with a red necktie or bow tie, which draws the attention to the subtle elegance of this popular design.


Serpentine, Black

Elegant, mysterious, and colourful to the point of being psychedelic, this black pocket square with its snake design isn’t one for the faint-hearted! However, it’s the perfect choice for those looking to inject a sense of their bold personality into their black suit getup, whether for a night on the town or for your next business meeting. Beautifully made by our artisan producers, the twisting snakes on this high quality pochette capture the eye and the imagination, and signal that you’re a man who refuses to compromise his personal and unique fashion sense.

Make no mistake, the inky black background of this elegant pocket square makes the colours of the snakes truly pop, and even when folded into your black suit pocket, there’s plenty to admire when it comes to use of tone and the vibrant hues of this design. We especially love the effect when worn with a sky blue necktie and a white shirt, but the versatility and palette of this pocket square gives you plenty of scope for outfit choices!


Battle of the Mughals, Black

It isn’t hard to see why this particular design and colour scheme is one of our most popular pocket squares. The sheer artistry behind its creation, and the way a whole spectrum of colours pops from the black background, make it an item of the highest distinction. More than just a suit accessory, this design allows you to wear a genuine work of art in the pocket of your black suit, and there’s no end to the level of sophistication it effortlessly provides.

Worn with a ruby red bow tie, and the timeless combo of black suit and white shirt, this pocket square becomes part of your own personal suit of armour, perfect for commanding the attention of those around you. Ideal for men looking to make a powerful impact, and wear their classic and artistic leanings on their breast, it’s a beautiful item which never fails to please the senses.


Leon et Equus, Charcoal

Bring a touch of regal elegance to your black suit with this delightful coloured twist on our classic pocket square design. Inspired by the royal seal of the United Kingdom, it boasts a antiquated lion and unicorn motif, on which they are fighting for the crown of the kingdom. However, this is by no means an outdated relic of a pochette; just look at how our design team have picked out the illustration in inky blacks and purples, and have highlighted its features in glorious gold and sky blue - this is undoubtedly a silk pocket square for men happy to play with tradition, and forge new paths of their own. Paired with a maroon or purple neck tie, this pocket square is sure to make you feel like the king of your very own castle. Perfection indeed!


Chains & Charms, Smoke Grey

Dramatic, seductive, and sensationally elegant, this smoke grey pocket square adds a sense of mystery and theatricality to any black suit. In fact, it’s hard to think of a monochromatic pochette design which achieves a more striking and eye-catching look than this one, resplendent in its mystifying motifs and beautiful decoration. The depth of colour on this high quality pocket square is the perfect example of our dedication to excellence here at Robertto’s, let alone our willingness to think outside the box and provide our customers which truly unique and stylish items.

Again, this pochette is a highly versatile one which would pair well with accessories of almost any colour. However, we feel it works best with a black suit and tieless white shirt combination - classic, laid back, and utterly charming.


Velocite, Mulberry

If you’re looking to buy a pocket square which shows off your dedication to contemporary fashion, vintage charm, and a somewhat eccentric and individualistic approach to life, then this brilliant men’s silk pochette is the one for you. There’s something utterly charming about the tangle of motor car stamp prints on this pocket square, picked out in brilliant white against the rich regality of its mulberry background. It’s one which exudes a genuinely unique sophistication, and which is going to work well with the kind of black suit-based outfits which play with conformity and formality in rakish fashion. When worn with a black three-piece suit, and accessorised with a mulberry tie, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that this Robertto’s pocket square truly adds the perfect finishing touch. Charm personified!


Feathers & Flowers, Black

Exotic, beautiful, and delightfully unusual, our parrot-festooned silk pocket square is a real favourite with men looking to stand out from the crowd. While our parrot-themed pocket square comes in a wide range of colours, it’s this one - with its deep black background - which shows off the beautiful and intricacy of the plumage in all its glory. Those deep red and turquoise feathers leap from the silk, and bring a sense of the beauty of the jungle canopy to a black suit, in ways which are sure to make a powerful impression.

Want to wear this handmade pocket square to maximum effect in your black suit? Pair with a striped shirt and a turquoise bow tie, or go tieless and open-necked for a thoroughly modern look which exudes sheer urbane sophistication.


There you have it - ten beautiful Robertto’s men’s suit pocket squares, each one made to be worn with a stylish black suit. With these suit accessories, handmade by artisans and woven from the finest Italian silk, you’ll be able to express your personality while maintaining a classic and timeless style. Who could possibly ask for more?