Ten Robertto’s Pocket Squares That Style Brilliantly With a Navy Blue Suit

There’s something truly special about a well-cut navy blue suit. Less sincere and stuffy than a black two-piece or a tuxedo, more purposeful than a grey suit, and more professional than a bright or sky blue number, the navy blue suit is a favourite with creatives, high-powered CEOs, and well-dressed gents heading out on the town alike.

To shop for a pocket square which pairs beautifully with a navy blue suit is a whole lot of fun, especially when you have a stunning range of colourful, artistically designed, and patterned pocket squares - such as those from Robertto’s peerless range of silk pochettes - to choose from. After all, matching a silk pocket square with your getup isn’t just a neat way of accessorising and added a touch of avant-garde sophistication to your clothing. It’s the ideal approach for adding a whole extra layer of elegance to your look, and ensuring you make the kind of impactful entrance and lasting impression you deserve.

Because navy blue is a genuinely neutral colour for clothing (despite the fact that this colour can possess a richness all of its own), it leaves you with a massive variety of options to go for when it comes to selecting the perfect pocket square for your outfit. In order to make things a little easier for you all, we’ve picked out ten Robertto’s pocket squares, each bursting with colour, character, and our uniquely beautiful designs, which work incredibly well when paired with a classic navy blue suit.

With these suggestions, you’ll be able to piece together an outfit which absolutely separates the men from the boys, and which will give you the swagger, confidence, and cool, collected sophistication you need to reach out and grab life with both hands!


Beneath The Lens, Dark Midnight Blue

This stunning silk pocket square features a brilliantly abstracted design, packed full of movement, individual character, and a pattern inspired by the most dynamic contemporary art. Thanks to its midnight blue background and orange-red pattern, it’s a quality pocket square that really pops and grabs the attention, bringing a strikingly modern look to vintage suit accessory.

Fold this pocket square neatly into your jacket pocket, or leave it slightly puffed and protruding, and those powerfully contrasting colours are going to gain you plenty of envious glances and admiring looks. A perfect choice for modern men who know their sense of style, and who are as fearless as they are confident when it comes to their fashion choices!


Robertto’s Leo, Arctic Blue

Looking for a stylish pocket square that really helps you stand out from the crowd, and which matches flawlessly with a sharp blue suit? Look no further - this eye-grabbing pochette from Robertto’s does the job perfectly. With its ferociously stylish lion design, picked out in a range of harmonising and contrasting colours, this is one pocket square you can’t help but be utterly seduced by.

Proving that pocket squares don’t need to be the same colour as your clothes (in fact, they should never be the same colour as you clothes), this stylish pochette uses arctic blue and gold as its main contrasting hues. Look closely, however, and you’ll find midnight and dark blues within the locks of the lions mane, providing the ideal harmonising features that will work so well with your navy blue jacket.


Aquarius, Denim Blue

There’s a sensual mysticism about this silk pocket square which is impossible to resist; it puts one in mind of astral constellations, the Arabian Nights, and of long-lost legends told by candlelight. When paired with the timeless style of a navy blue suit or blazer, it acts as a potent point of contrast, which is guaranteed to grab people’s attention and leave you looking like the most sophisticated gent wherever you choose to go.

As far as colour is concerned, this colourful pocket square shows off a wide spectrum of blue hues, which contrast delightfully with the orange and terracotta flourishes on the hem. Set against a navy blue jacket, this retro suit accessory is going to stand out a treat, and imbue you with all the style and sophistication you’re looking for from a top quality pochette.


Leon et Equus, Burgundy

Bring out your inner regality with this delightfully old-school pocket square, which is one of Robertto’s most popular products. Inspired by the coat of arms of the British royal house, it boasts a powerful image of the lion and the unicorn fighting for the crown (a symbol which represents the historical battles between the English and the Scottish royal lines), and it’s a handmade pochette which is guaranteed to get you feeling like the king of your own castle.

With background panels in the royal colours of burgundy and cobalt blue, this elegant handkerchief was simply made to be worn tucked into a navy blue jacket pocket. Thanks to its heraldic details in white and mustard yellow, it really sings to the eyes, and it’s a pocket square destined to be admired and treasured alike.


Battle of the Mughals, Navy Blue

Dramatic, romantic, and beautifully made and coloured, this sophisticated pocket square for men’s jackets is sure to become a favourite, especially when paired with a navy blue suit. It boasts such a richness of colour, and is emblazoned with a truly eye-catching design which really helps you stand out from the crowd as a man of taste and distinction.

The navy blue background of this pochette provides the perfect colour for pairing with your suit, but it’s the vivid burgundy, orange, and green battle scene which makes it the ideal choice for a jacket of this hue. Make no mistake; wander into a business meeting, a bar, or anywhere else while sporting this pochette, and you’ll come across as a man who dresses with pride, always ready for action. Match with a dark orange tie and a white suit, and you’ll have a complete look which simply cannot be ignored.


Elephant Parade, Arctic Blue

They say that elephants never forget… but it will be your outfit which is truly unforgettable if you pair this men’s jacket pocket square with a navy blue suit. The richness and complexity of this pochette’s oriental-inspired design is an absolute treat for the senses, and the overall effect is one of timeless sophistication and worldliness - perfect for men who know what they want from life, and who aren’t afraid to express it via their style.

Arctic blue is a wonderful colour to lift and bring life to a navy blue suit, and the striking background colour of this pocket handkerchief, contrasted with the rich orange of the hem, is sure to turn plenty of heads and show off your unique fashion sense. Add the touches of pineapple yellow and regal purple into the mix, and you’ve got a classic Robertto’s pocket square which has all the majesty of the magnificent beast it features so beautifully.


Quadrophenia, Navy Blue

There’s more than a touch of sleek sixties psychedelia to this vividly coloured pocket square. Indeed, it puts all who come across it in mind of the stylish young ‘mods’; a subculture who dominated the hip London music scene in this era, and whose style influence is still very much felt today. Abstract, artistic, and effortlessly cool, it’s a fantastic design for a silk pocket square for men, and one which will never fail to make a bold impact wherever you go.

Boasting a riot of contrasting colours, the rich brown, fern green, and watermelon pink of this stylish pochette really makes for an attention-grabbing finish. Paired with a navy blue suit, it’ll give you a look of urbane confidence and retro panache; the perfect blend of vintage elegance and modern sophistication.


Polka Power, Light Crimson

Sometimes, nothing beats the elegance that only comes about as a result of minimalism. This stunning crimson pocket square is about as stylish as they come, and offers a new twist on a classic polka dot pattern thanks to its hand-drawn design and incredible use of colour. For men who never shy away from making a big impression, this eye-catching suit accessory ticks all the right boxes, and it’s a real favourite with those seeking something which straddles the classic and the contemporary, while looking brilliantly bespoke and irresistibly unique.

When it comes to colours which work flawlessly with the navy blue of your best suit, few hold a candle to the vivid glow of the crimson used in this pocket square design. It’s the perfect tone with which to add an element of outrageous fun to your outfit, and the blue colours used in those elegant polka dots give you the harmonious edge you need for a truly impressive look.


Woodland Symphony, Orange and Magenta

When it comes to beautiful pocket squares which really show an artistic and cultural flair, this bestseller from Robertto’s really hits the high notes. With its quartet of undulating arboreal designs, inspired by eastern artistic traditions, it’s a pocket square which genuinely goes above and beyond the ordinary, and which looks utterly stunning while doing so. Richly coloured, stylishly designed, and made from high quality silk, it’s a men’s suit accessory which one cannot help but fall in love with.

Not only does this elegant pocket square boast a beautiful and mesmerising design, it also features a powerfully hypnotic set of colours which is guaranteed to turn even the most ordinary navy blue suit into a outfit that will get people talking. The magenta and orange backgrounds are the ultimate contrast to the dark blue of your jacket, and will provide the ideal finishing touch to a look which shows you truly mean business, no matter where you are or who you’re with.


After The Tide, Green

If you’re shopping for a pocket square for a navy suit which really helps you show off your unique and innovative sense of style, then your search may well be over. This charming and eccentric pochette design is like looking into a psychedelic rock pool, teeming with life and fascinating creatures calling out for your attention. Crabs are the ultimate symbol of going against the flow and dancing to the beat of your own drum, and with the riot of striking and vivid colours on this pocket square, they’re a highly appropriate creature to be holding close to your heart!

Rich, surreal, and explosive in tone and hue, the colours on this pocket square really make it a highly versatile item which would pair nicely with a range of different outfits. However, for the ultimate impact, this pochette is destined to be elegantly puffed from a navy blue jacket, worn with a pale blue shirt and a pale pink tie. It’s a look which embraces eccentricity while balancing it with one’s sense of professionalism and sophistication, and there’s little wonder why this creative design is so very popular with stylish gentlemen everywhere.


There you have it - ten fantastic recommendations for pocket squares for navy blue suits, each as vibrant and as captivating as the last. Because Robertto’s pocket squares are made according to the highest specifications from quality Como silk, and boast hand-rolled seams for the ultimate finish, they’re always sure to get you looking and feeling your best. Whether worn on a date, for a meeting, or simply as part of a regular sophisticated outfit, these smart pocket squares never fail to make a lasting impression.