The Men’s Complete Guide to Cologne

Let's face it; there's no excuse for being poorly dressed or poorly groomed. As a man, you should be aware that there's more to your overall style than dressing dapper in your favorite suit. Yes, even after spicing the look up with accessories like ties and pocket squares, you'll still want to add a little something to the mix. And no, we're not talking about grooming facial hair or having sparkling white teeth — pretty sure you've already checked these off your list!

So what could this be?

Well, it's nothing more than the right cologne. You might not know this but smell is the most powerful sense; it has a way of conjuring memories like no other. What's more, heading out with your own signature scent can boost self-confidence and even increase your chances of gaining the most value from physical contact.

But of course, there's a problem — it's not always easy to find your elusive scent. Yes, picking the right cologne can turn out to be much harder than you thought. In fact, you might even find it to be a befuddling mess of hit-and-miss scents; super confusing if you ask me!

The good news? We've taken our time to figure out how to find the perfect scent for you. Right now, you only need to keep up as we explore just about everything you need to know. It's about time to kiss the confusion goodbye!


First thing First — Head to your Local Department Store

Alright, now is the time to take a trip to the store and check out what they have to offer. And oh, we'll recommend you try as much as possible to let your nose be your guide — crucial.

At this point, it's only normal to let you in on some tips for testing colognes. But before we get there, let's check out the types of scents you're likely to come across in the course of your journey.


In this category, you'll find sensual scents defined by spices including cinnamon, vanilla, and patchouli.


Right here, you should be looking at floral tones such as jasmine, rose or gardenia with fruity scents like peaches and berries.


This particular scent boasts an extensive variety of vigorous scents that are centered on green, water and citrus smells. It's also good to know that this scent embodies aromas of lemon, orange, sea breezes and fresh cut grass.


Last but not the least is this scent that never fails to give off a refreshing manly smell. Centered on nature, notes in this category include cedar, sandalwood, and moss.


Handy Tips for Testing

  • Start by trying prospective scents on paper testers and then stick to the best 2.
  • Now spritz your first choice on one wrist and the second on the other. Just be sure to wait for 15 minutes to smell. Why? Well, doing this makes it easy for you to smell how the cologne interacts with your unique body chemistry. Essentially, you'll get to know when the high notes wear off and middle notes come through. Just so you know, the middle notes are exactly what you will smell like when wearing the cologne.


How to Apply Cologne the Right Way

The very first thing you should know is applying cologne is centered around your body's pulse points. So yes, the big idea is to dab a smidge of your choice fragrance to these pulse points and let your body do its job. Just allow the scent to take its course on its own — don't force it.

So What are These Pulse Points?

  • The base of the neck
  • Behind the ears
  • Wrists
  • Inside your knees
  • Inside your elbows

And finally, you should be aware that less is more here. In other words, it's in your best interest to learn how to apply the right amount for every occasion. Generally speaking, just 1 to 2 dabs is enough to get you through the day — there's absolutely no need to go overboard.

It's also good to know that your skin type plays a big role in cologne application. Essentially, men with oily skin should apply little since the fragrance is likely to stick and last longer. But of course, the same cannot be said for those with dry skin; in essence, the fragrance is sure to wear off faster.

To sum it up, always stick to one scent for each day. And don't forget; less is more!