Top 3 Things Women Find Most Attractive in Men's Style

Ever given thought to what ladies love most in men's style? If yes, you're so not alone. Yes, there's a good chance that most if not all men feel the same way. Of course, it's only normal to learn what really makes a difference to the fairer sex. We're all manly men, right?

Now, at this point, chances are your confidence is great, but trust me, there are a few other things you'll definitely want to add to the mix. And of course, this post will let you in on 3 things women find most attractive in our style.

Let's dive in!


Great Grooming Habits

What can you say about your grooming habits? Do you think they're good, fair or terrible? Trust us, regardless of how much you spend on your outfit (maybe your suit, tie and accessories like pocket squares), you'll still want to take your time to build a great grooming routine. Yes, at this point, we're talking about your hair, facial hair, body hair and overall cleanliness. Just put in a little effort and take pride in your appearance — the ladies will be all over you!


A Well-fitting Suit

Secondly, women always take note when you're in your most dressed-up outfit. And of course, we're referring to a suit. Now, at this point, it's not just about wearing any suit that crosses your path; but wearing one that actually fits. So yes, there's no point getting a jacket that makes you look like you're drowning in a sea of suit fabric. Instead, take your time to get one that fits snugly. And if you don't find the perfect fit, wear something else!


Eye-catching Accessories

You might not know this but the right accessories can spice up your style and take it to the next level. So yes, it's never a good idea to treat them as an afterthought. You should rather make them a big part of your overall outfit. But hey, we don't recommend going overboard though — too much jewelry and wardrobe flair can mess things up, and that not part of the plan. With this in mind, you won't be wrong to wear "at most" three accessories at a time. So what accessories are we talking about here? Well, just think watches, bracelets, pocket squares, rings, bracelets, scarves, tie bars, colorful laces and more! It's all up to you to choose!

And that's it! These are just a few things women can't do but love in men's style. Of course, everything boils down to taking good care of yourself and stepping up your wardrobe game. So yes, just do what needs to be done and watch the ladies drool over you!