Top Tips on How To Dress Down Your Suit

Crazy about classic, good-looking suits? If yes, you're not alone! At this point, you probably got your closet filled with some finely/custom tailored choices and eye-catching accessories (ties, pocket squares, and the likes). But hey, what happens on days when you want to throw on those investments on regular days? More like when you're not heading to work or some formal, uptight meetings with your business partners?

Yes, we're talking about dressing down your suit! Just kicking out all the stuffiness and wearing it a bit more casually.

Sounds good? If yes, here are a few tips that are sure to work great for you.


Make Your Collars Awesome

First off, you'll want to pull off the suit sans tie style like a pro. Trust us, this look is not always as easy as unbuttoning the top button of your shirt and skipping the tie. You need to step up your game with some collar stays! Now, we know your shirt probably came with plastic collar stays, but we'll recommend you get the alloy ones for the job. Of course, from here, you can put a little bend in the collars and rest easy knowing that they look great!


Just Keep the Beard

Yes, now that you're looking to dress down your suit, we think the beard can help accentuate your style. That said, you won't be wrong to skip the razor for that day and just rock the soft stubble!


Have Fun With Your Footwear

Dress shoes usually go well with suits — there's no doubt about that. But hey; they won't help you achieve your new look! Of course, you're looking to dress down your suits right? Well, at this point, it's best to go over your choices and mix things up. For the most part, you can go for a pair of Chelsea boots, clean white sneakers or even monk straps — just have fun!


Stick to a Less Subtle Watch

And let's move on to the accessories! Yes, at this point, your watch can either make or break your look. In essence, it's in your best interest to choose something that works for your outfit. With this in mind, you won't be wrong to skip the simple dress watch and opt for something that's sure to turn heads. The plan here is to get a timepiece that'll make up for the lack of tie and at the same time, go well with your less conservative footwear.


Don't Forget Your Pocket Square

Now that the tie is officially gone, you won't be wrong to add yet another accessory that jumps out visually — the pocket square. At this point, it's up to you stick to what tickles your fancy. We'll recommend you go for something colorful — not too flashy and not too subtle. And if you need a little help with choosing the perfect square for you, we'll suggest you look through our collection! Trust us, you're sure to find yours in no time!

Stay classy!