Top Tips on What to Wear in Summer

Hello, summer! It's an amazing time of the year — there's no doubt about it. But hey, what can a well-dressed gentleman do when temperatures begin to rise? As we know, it's never easy to dress your best in summer; the wrong clothes can leave you burning up all day and that's pretty bad.

So what's the way out?

Well, the good news is, you can still look great even when it's crazy hot outside. And this post will explore a few tips that are sure to help.

Let's get to it!


Choose Lighter Colors

First off, it's in your best interest to stay off dark colors for now. Yes, we know you love your black tee, but summer might not be the best time to throw it on. Why? Well, it's only because such clothes will end up absorbing light and heat — pretty sure you get the point! With this in mind, you won't be wrong to stick with the lighter section of your closet. Trust us, the heat will be way easier to bear.


Don't Skip the Undershirt

Now, it's not just about wearing lighter colors — you also need to learn how to wear undershirts. As you probably guessed, light-colored outfits are quick to show off sweat, so you won't be wrong to beat this challenge with some t-shirts. And oh, we recommend you stick to gray undershirts; they always work!


Stick to Textured, Breathable Fabrics

Here's the thing; summer style can never be complete without textured fabrics. Why? Well, it's only because their unique texture allows for more airflow and that's pretty much what you need right now. At this point, you won't be wrong to stick with linen, seersucker, Oxford, and madras — perfect!


Forget the Lining

Work in an office? If yes, chances are you got a dress code that must be followed regardless of the weather. Of course, we're talking about the suits and blazers — pretty sure you got a nice collection in your closet. So yeah, since you got no choice but to suit up for work, we'll suggest you avoid anything lined with satin, silk or polyester. Just stick to the unlined variation instead!

So there you have it! Now you're all good to face the summer heat like a boss. Stay classy!