True Blue: Pocket Squares for Pairing with Your Best Blue Suit

Over the past two decades or so, we’ve all seen a huge rise in the popularity of the true blue suit. Modern, daring, confident, and proud, the blue suit signifies a gentleman who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd, and who follows the intricacies of contemporary fashion in a way which remains elegant and smart, and without seeming garish or slavish to trends. The blue suit sits comfortably between the formal and the casual, which is perhaps why it is so popular with men who are completely at home in their own personal sense of style. While it isn’t the most traditional of colours, it has become something of a staple at modern weddings and business events, due to the fact that it puts across a notion of positivity, energy, and dynamism which is missing from many other suit colours.

When it comes to Robertto’s pocket squares, a huge range of our beautiful pochettes are absolutely ideal for accessorising with your blue suit. Why? Because Robertto’s designers never shy away from using the kind of bright, bold, and contrasting colours which work so very well with a suit of this kind. In fact, many of our silk pocket squares were made with exactly this type of suit in mind, and we’ve worked tirelessly to perfect our designs and colour palettes, to ensure they accessorise as perfectly as is possible. We’re more than confident that you won’t be disappointed with our selection of blue suit silk accessories, and that’s why we’ve picked out some of our most popular models for you to check out below.

Bringing a high quality pocket square to your blue suit is the perfect way to add a flash of personality to your outfit. All of our designs burst with character and sophistication, and provide that perfect flourish of unique, vintage, and timeless elegance to your blue suit. Take a look at our range, and find the perfect pocket square to take your look to the next level!


Running Rings, Pastel Blue

Inspired by the Abstract Expressionists, and featuring a truly dynamic series of rings in red and blue across a pastel blue background, this high quality pocket square is an absolute joy to look at and wear. The midnight blue hand-rolled hem adds a touch of real sophistication and class, and when folded into the pocket of your blue suit, this beautiful pochette is guaranteed to give you the edge when out and about at any event!

We ensure that all of our pocket squares are made to the highest specifications in the industry. This ring design pochette, just like all the others at Robertto’s, is made from the finest Italian Como silk, and is a truly luxurious item you can wear with real pride. Pair it with a true blue jacket or blazer, and a pale blue or white shirt with no tie for optimal effect.


Chains and Charms, Golden Brown

This stunning silk pochette, with its unique design featuring an array of chain links, charms, and crests, is one of our most popular designs… and it really isn’t difficult to see why. It’s a pocket square which perfectly blends contemporary urbane style with timeless sophistication, and does so in a way which is sure to give you a real boost of confidence in your fashion choices!

The electric blue of the main design features allows the intricacy of the artwork on this pochette to really delight the senses. With its background of mustard and gold, this pocket square is the ideal accessory for your blue suit, and it’s sure to make the kind of impact you deserve.


Dragonfly Chaser, Navy Blue

This stylish men’s suit accessory was inspired by the artwork of 19th century artists and designers, and it exudes a stunning vintage sophistication which simply cannot be beaten. Featuring oriental flowers and dragonflies, it really is a deeply elegant pocket square, that simply cannot fail but add a sense of real urbane savoir-faire to your modern blue suit.

The deep navy blue background and yellow hand-rolled hem on this silk pocket square make it a perfect match for a bright blue suit, and it’s going to look even better when paired with a white shirt and a yellow tie. Modern yet timeless, vintage yet avant-garde, it’s a brilliant example of what Robertto’s pocket squares do best!


Les Chevaliers, Navy Blue

Who can resist the medieval, heraldic charm of this stylish pocket square? Emblazoned with regal crests, it’s the ideal accessory for your suit which will make you feel like a knight, complete with your own personal coat of arms. Here at Robertto’s, many of our best-selling pocket squares are based on the notion of bringing together the past and the present, and this elegant pochette is no exception.

With its deep, dark, and moody blue palette, it’s easy to see just how well this pocket handkerchief would pair with a true blue suit. Folded into the breast pocket of a blue jacket or blazer, and further accessorised with a grey or silver tie, it’s the ideal pocket square for showing your unbeatable fashion sense and taste in clothing!


Turkish Pastoral, Navy Blue

This gorgeous pocket handkerchief is one of our most popular blue suit accessories, and it really isn’t hard to understand why. The design on this silk pochette is utterly evocative, and puts one in mind of oriental needlework and Turkish embroidery, and it’s a surefire way of adding a real sense of worldly charm to any outfit.

This pocket handkerchief boasts a deep navy blue background, and detailing in red and pale blue. All together, it results in a truly eye-catching design, which exudes a flourish of personality and shows off your impeccable taste in fine suit accessories. Wear with your blue suit and a white shirt with no tie, and you’ll command the attention of everyone you come across.


Feathers and Flowers, Maroon

Bring a touch of jungle glamour to your blue suit with this wonderfully eye-catching pocket square! Featuring an array of brightly-coloured parrots, and boasting a stunningly rich maroon background and elegant hand-rolled hem, it’s the perfect suit accessory for men unafraid of making a big entrance! We love wearing this pochette with a blue suit, as the colour palette provides plenty of points of contrast and harmony. What’s more - who doesn’t love the exotic beauty of tropical birds?


Battle of the Mughals, Mustard Yellow

Bright, vibrant, and beautifully drawn, the design of this high quality pocket square from Robertto’s is a real treat for the eyes. Boasting our best-selling battle scene decoration, it’s a pochette which never fails to captivate and amaze.

When you have this handkerchief folded into the breast pocket of your blue suit, it’s simply impossible to feel anything less than suave and sophisticated, so be sure to add this pochette to your collection! Thanks to its vivid mustard yellow and orange background, the colour palette of this pocket square contrasts fantastically with a blue suit.


Feathers and Flowers, Grey

There’s something about this grey pocket square that works absolutely perfectly with the vibrancy of a modern blue suit. Understated yet sophisticated, retro yet utterly contemporary, it’s a pochette which revels in its contrasts, and it’s sure to add a real flash of sophistication to your outfit.

The grey background of this silk handkerchief bring a steely contemporary vibe to the accessory. However, the plumage of the parrots which decorate the pocket square are eye-catchingly vibrant - it’s a riot of blue, green, and red, which draws the attention, and brings a flash of stunning colour to your suit. No wonder this particular design is so popular with stylish gentlemen aiming to pull off a unique and distinctive look!


Pavo Folia, Pinkish Cream

It’s impossible to resist the oriental elegance of this stylish silk pocket square, and we’re incredibly proud of this design here at Robertto’s. With its luxurious and thoroughly modern pinkish-cream colour, and the intricacy and beauty of the peacocks emblazoned across the pochette, this pocket handkerchief is one with the power to make any man stand out from the crowd. The colour palette is absolutely perfect for wearing with a blue suit, and it’s one which undoubtedly adds a certain savoir faire to an outfit, with its couture leanings and irresistible attitude.


Beneath the Lens, Piggy Pink

Few colours work better with the rich blue of a stylish modern suit than this particular shade of pink. It’s a bold and modern choice, ideal for gentlemen who never shy away from making an impact with their sense of style and fashion, and it’s a pocket handkerchief which embodies the spirit of modern masculinity. The design on this particular silk pochette is one which is certain to catch a few envious glances; beautifully abstract and intricate, and designed to captivate and intrigue, it’s sure to add a real flash of confidence and personality to your outfit.

We love pairing this high quality pocket square with a blue suit and a pink tie; the end result is one which bursts with attitude and swagger, and which is guaranteed to make the wearer feel like a man who truly knows his look and approach to modern elegance.


So, there they are: our top ten Robertto’s pocket square suit accessories, which are absolutely ideal for pairing with a blue suit. Each one of our silk pochettes is made from top-quality materials, and finished with a hand-rolled hem which brings the perfect finishing touch. Wearing a pocket square is a surefire way to add a distinguished flourish of personality to your suit, and Robertto’s pochettes are accessories to cherish. Why not check out the rest of our beautiful collection today?