What Sets Robertto’s Pocket Squares Apart From Others?

When it comes to suit accessories, nothing says ‘sophistication’ quite like a well-chosen pocket square. These small pieces of colored fabric have the ability to brighten up an otherwise dull or run-of-the-mill outfit, and lift it into being something extraordinary, something carefully constructed and curated. They also allow an individual to express aspects of their personality through the colors and patterns selected. Whether that means choosing one which is emblazoned with oriental curlicues and arabesques, or one which is reminiscent of works of modern art, or one which simply utilizes blocks of color effectively, a high quality pocket square gives you the freedom to allow your preferences to shine through your outfit. 

However, not all handkerchiefs were created equal. As the popularity of pocket squares rockets, thanks to the nostalgic nature of fashion and the exposure given to them by several high profile pocket square wearers, there have been many more options for the consumer to choose from, with some considerably better than others. When you shop for a pocket square online, or browse pocket square designs in a shop, it is well worth taking the time to think about the quality of the item you are perusing. A good quality pocket square need not break the bank to be worth buying, but there is little point spending your money on a suit accessory which is in any way sub-standard. Robertto’s fervently believes in the importance of quality when it comes to pocket squares - it is what has driven the company since its inception - and this dedication to perfection has, over time, led us to produce a truly impressive range of pocket squares, designed with the modern individual in mind. So, what sets this particular range of pocket squares apart, and places them head and shoulders above the rest?  

What to Look For in a Luxury Pocket Square 

With pocket squares, as with most things in life, the key to quality is in the detail. One of the main indicators of excellence when it comes to handkerchiefs can be found in the way the hem has been made. If you ever shop for pocket squares online or in a store, do take a moment to either read the notes regarding the hem, or take the item in your hands and have a close look yourself. A luxury pocket square should have a hand rolled hem - this not only gives the it a neater, cleaner appearance, but also gives the handkerchief a touch of more flexibility and less rigidity - an important feature when one considers that this is an item to be carefully folded. The reason a hand rolled hem is preferred in this case is due to a simple fact: cheaper, lower quality pocket squares will have machine stitched edges, which are far too tight and rigid to allow for the drape and fold a fine pocket square requires and deserves.  

Of course, we cannot talk about the quality of a pocket square without also making mention of the fabric from which it is made. There are several options available to the pocket square wearer in this regard - after all, this is the twenty-first century, and affordable cotton and man-made, artificial fibers are seemingly everywhere. However, to wear a pocket square is to express a belief in standards, in luxury, in achieving a level of sartorial elegance and sophistication which is something more than the everyday. With this in mind, why would you buy a pocket square made of anything except silk? For thousands of years, long before the invention of whatever polymers are used in low quality clothing nowadays, silk has fascinated and inspired wonder. Silk has seen empires rise and fall, and has made its way around the world thanks to its unique qualities, its unrivaled softness, its beauty and vigor. Robertto’s sources the finest silks from Como, the Italian home of high quality silk production in Europe, and insist on only the most impeccable standards for their pocket square collection.  

A Spectrum of Excellence 

While we could wax poetic for some time on the quality of the fabrics used in Robertto’s pocket squares, there is one more obvious factor which sets their suit accessories apart from those of their competitors, and this is - of course - their patterns and designs. Robertto’s scoures the design community for artists and artisans willing to lend their skills to the production of this pocket square collection, and the result is something truly stunning and unique, which has ended up being worlds apart from anything else available on the market today. 

Robertto’s pocket squares are designed to be eye-catching, inspiring, decadent, refined and dreamy. They seamlessly blend the old with the new, the vintage with the contemporary, and the classic with the avant-garde. The use of color is exemplary, and utilized to create an effect which allows the pocket square to pair beautifully with a wide range of outfits. Harmonizing and complementing, these pocket squares come in color palettes which range from the vibrant and unmissable, to the subtle and understated - essentially, there is something to suit every preference, and every requirement. This opens the doors of possibility for accessorizing, as one can choose to match one’s tie or bow tie, suit or shirt with the individual flashes of color which typify the vivid designs Robertto’s has made their signature.  

Variety and Versatility 

If wearing a pocket square is intended as a flourish of personality, what exactly does a dull block of single color say about yourself? This is the question which led Robertto’s to explore the possibilities behind having such a wide range of designs, and giving their artists such creative freedom in the creation of their patterns. These high-end pocket squares take their inspiration from various cultures and eras; we see Indian folk painting, African tribal designs, American Abstract Expressionism, contemporary minimalism, medieval heraldry, and Victorian gothic revival referenced in these unique and varied designs - variety is the spice of life, as they say, and it is perhaps in this vein which sets Robertto’s apart from their competitors. 

Finally, it is worth mentioning that not only are these designs and colors intended to be representative of contemporary high fashion, and offer a stylish solution for adding a finishing touch to a suit, but they are also intended to be somewhat timeless, too. So many fashion companies become preoccupied with chasing the latest trend, the newest pattern or color palette - they forget that the majority of consumers and fashion-conscious individuals are really looking for something unique, something they can rely on and return to time and time again. The bold, daring, refined and beautiful designs you can see on Robertto’s pocket squares focus not on chasing trends, but rather on achieving a sense of quality and excellence which will never fade, never disappoint, and never go out of fashion.